Class of 66: PHN-PHHS-PHC
Newsletter #8 - Sept. 19, 2009

Newsletter #7, three weeks ago, was put together quickly, just before I went on "vacation".  Now that I'm back, I wanted to get you a couple of items I didn't have time to do before I left.

MINI-REUNION 2010 - JANUARY 30, 2010
Yes, we'll do a Mini-Reunion again this year, similar to last year.  We'll meet at 12:00 noon for cocktails, with lunch/dinner at 1PM at the Sandy Hook Restuarant in Matlacha, FL.  Several people last year wished they'd come early (Fri. night a few of us got caught up talking til the wee hours) and stayed late (Sunday we went for a boat ride).  If you're interested in spending the night(s) you can Google nearby areas/towns: Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce (best list), the cities of Cape Coral or Ft. Myers are within 10 miles or so.  Make reservations early as this is a resort area with lots of seasonal snowbirds and tourists.  Again, I'll be sending
special mailings to those who are interested in further details, so if you are, please reply to this newsletter, and type in:  "I'm interested". Thanks.

Attached is a list of the people who are currently on "The List" to receive our newsletter.  The PH Northern people are listed first on the list, PHHS and PHC combined are on the second half of the list.  We're missing lots of folks.  Please, please, send me any info you have on anyone who is not on the list.  Especially helpful are female classmates married last names and their husband's first names, if known; zipcodes are appreciated.

Please send me your "brief biography", if you haven't already, "news" items, etc. for inclusion in the next newsletter.
You might send news of new jobs, retirements, etc.  Also, someone asked about deceased classmates.  The only list I have is from the 1996 reunion, so if you have any information on anyone who has passed away since then, I'll try to get that list together.

Next newsletter late November, early December.....
Mini-Reunion  "Special Edition" in late October, early Novembe

Shari Perkins
2758 Eighth Ave.
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