Judy Sparling Miller - I went home for a couple of weeks which included the Dome Reunion.  It was really done up right!  They had all the original groups that played for the school and sorority dances perform.  The guys came from as far as California.  It was like watching a bunch of sixty-year old groupies.  We stood in awe, cheered, sang and danced to four different groups.  Guys who still had their hot cars, brought them and they were on diplasy in the arena.  Powers served up the burgers and greasy fries.  I think there was about  3000 in attendance.  I worked the door for 3 hours and only recognized four people.  I was disappointed that they did not have name tags because I think that would have been a plus.  I did talk with Tom Coleman, Linda Brown Wurmlinger, Judy Ross Darcy, Bonnie Thayer amd Rob Carson.  Tom recently had heart surgery but is interesed in having a reunion.  Bonnie gave me an address which she said I can forward to you.  I have a phone number for Linda when she returns in October to Dunedin.  It was a night that brought back fond memories but there was sadness also as we all realized that there probably would not be another night like that as some of the guys have major health issues.  (However, you would never have known it that night.  They played like they were teenagers again!)  The grand finale bro ught all the band back up on stage together and we screaamed and yelled and danced until they kicked us out.  Everyone stayed until the end. (A sign of a good party).  That morning was the race, which had a slow start as there wasn't much wind and it was foggy.  Later in the day, it stormed so I'm not sure how the sailors fared.  The winner reached Mackinac on Sunday night.  We did go downtown on Friday night to see all the boats and people (but once again 40 years made it impossible for me to recognize anyone).  It was crowded and they had a couple of bands playing along the boardwalk.

Mary Jamison-Leone just send me the PHHS yearbook for 1963 & the PHN yearbook for 1966, so now I can see all you beautiful people!!!  Thanks Mary!!!!

Mike Touma – I graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelors and masters in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in 1970/71.  I met my wife, Patricia M (Patsi) Henion (from Gaylord) at Michigan.  We were married in Ann Arbor in 1970 and recently celebrated 39 years.  Patsi graduated with a bachelors in nursing in 1971.  We moved to Crofton, Maryland20in 1972, when I took an engineering job for the Navy.  I have worked for the Federal government in the same field of ship design for all of those years.  Pasti has been an operating room nurse in a community hospital for also since 1972.  We have th ree children:  one son – Andy – who is an accountant in Hawaii at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu (apparently smarter than we are) and a boy-girl set of twins.  The boy – Kevin – is in Indianapolis breaking into the hotel management business (with Marriott).  The girl – Laurie – is with us in Crofton.  She just completed a Radiological Technolog ist degree, and is working as a rad tech at a hospital north of us (not the same as Patsi).  We made it back to PH one week a summer while the kids were growing up so we kept up a little with the changes.  Last summer (2008) we attended the first Touma-Shamaly Family Reunion in PH (organized expertly by cousin Sharon).  It was great fun.  Probably the biggest gathering of Toumas in any one place in quite a while.  Patsi and I are both still working and plan to continue for a few years, at least until the 401ks improve.  Love the beach and hang out on the Atlantic when we can (no rocks, but the salt water …).

Sue Frank-Arthur -
Jerie (Norman) Ruiz sent a Class of '66 Newsletter to me recently.  We're still best friends.  I noticed a name you were looking for:  Mike Anglebrandt lives in Lansing, Michigan least as of last Christmas.  His wife's name is Marilu.  We've always exchanged Christmas cards.  

Apparently no one is looking for us, but Richard (Arthur) and I (Susan (Frank) Arthur) are still happily married after 38 years.  We now are living again in British Columbia, Canada, after several years overseas and in Quebec.  I believe the last time someone contacted us re PHN was=2 0while we lived in Quebec...again courtesy Jerie.   Richard is an independent Fisheries Consultant doing most of his contracts in Asia for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.  He's a downhill ski host at Sun Peaks Resort during the winter when he's home.  I retired from teaching and now tutor children in the US in Math and English via the internet for a company in New York.  We never did have children but do have five Canadian horses, a dog and a cat on a little rural ranch property in the interior of BC.  We spend a lot of the summer showing, driving and riding the horses.

Barb Sykes - Barb called last week to let us know that she saw an obituary for Dennis Wilczynski in the PH Time Herald recently.
That reminds me, I should probably update the list, from our last reunion, of "Deceased Classmates".  So let me know what names to add;if someone died in service our country, or was a veteran, please include that info.

Nancy Evans-Jones - (Recovered from the last "los t "newsletter)  After we spoke, it occurred to me that I have a little something for the next newsletter.  In February, I joined the Richmond Community Choir (located in beautiful downtown Richmond, MI, of course).  I needed to get back into the singing experience I missed so much since choir in high school.  I heard the choir perform its Christmas concert last year (turns out the director is an old family friend) and just HAD to join.  There are 98 of us and the sound is awesome!  The choir (RCC for short) performs its spring concert in May (see attachment) and maybe you could put the word out so local classmates could attend and show a little solidarity for a school chum.  I sing tenor with this group, even though I'm an old alto.  They needed more tenors and had plenty of altos already, so I volunteered to sing with the boys.  I sang tenor on a few tunes back at Northern for Mr. Airtene.  Believe me, I've never worked the old vocal chords so hard as I have every Monday night since I joined!  The RCC spring concert should be a trip down memory lane for our classmates.  Sev eral of our songs are from the 60s and 70s, and there's a Phantom of the Opera selection.  The arrangements are unbelievable.  So, I'm inviting anyone who's still in Michigan to attend.  I'm one of 3 women in the front row who sing tenor, so you can't miss me.  The concert is free, but we do a ccept donations.  Canned food donations are also accepted, which will be distributed to the Richmond Lions Club.  Believe it or not, we'll be cutting a concert CD, which will be available for sale.  It's a fun group to be a part of, and the concert will be lots of fun (even audience participation at one point).  

That brings me to my next thought.  Shari, have you thought about us inviting any surviving high school teachers from '66 to the reunion?  Or even including them in receiving our newsletter?  I have no idea how many are still around, but I saw Joseph Airtene's PH name and address on my temporary boss's mailing list last month.  Mr. Airtene was the choir director.  I'll bet they'd love to be included in this insanity.

Tom Hyde -
(Recovered from the last "lost "newsletter)  I currently live in Farmington Hills and have been separated now for a while. It appears that the wife and I have finally resolved all of our differences and will be getting back together shortly. I am no longer working as I got hurt on the job and I am now considered totally disabled due to back injuries received. I have created two on-line stores to help produce an income, which we all need, and it helps to take my mind off all the pain I am still in. I am still waiting for the date s to get my back operated on to try and correct some of the damage done. Here are the addresses to the on-line stores if you want to look at them; - & www.spun-glass-creations .com this last one is a redirect to the store as I bought both dot com and dot net so it could be found from either. Should you like what you see pass the addresses around to all your friends. Thanks for the reply and I will be looking forward to the News Letter.

Sandy Hall-Witzke – (Recovered from the last "lost "newsletter)  Having retired and subsequently moving to FL almost 5 years ago, I am definitely enjoying the year-round sunshine and warm weather.  The 36 years spent as an RN was such a rewarding career for me.  I specialized mainly in the cardiology field in both f loor nursing and then later in supervision of stress testing and cardiac rehab.  Chuck and I have been married almost 16 years and my life then changed from being an active hockey mom to a first mate in sailing.  Our 2004 FL move resulted in a lot of rebuilding after Hurricane Charley and that was quite an experience.  My two sons, Chris and Chad Parr, have blessed us with super daughters-in-laws and grandchildren.  In addition, I acquired 4 great stepchildren and we now have a total of 8 grandchildren…fun!  Active I am in church committees, sailing club, our property owners’ association, community org anizations, and the local garden club.  My philosophy is simple:  “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”    Relaxation comes in enjoying sunsets, gardening, reading, bike-riding and time together with my husband.  Sure was fun to get togeth er at the Florida mini-reunion in Jan, 09 and am looking forward to seeing more friends in 2011…or sooner!

Nancy Hamilton-Prahl - (Recovered from the last "lost "newsletter)  In October 1966 I married David Prahl of St. Clair.  We have three children – Christopher (in Seattle), Tammy who passed away in 1971 and Karen (in Jacksonville).  We also have six grandchildren – four boys and two girls, ages 4 to 16-1/2, all courtesy of our daughter.< FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt" face=Arial color=#000000 size=2>  The oldest of the grandchildren (David) has lived with us since January 2006 when we had to make a rushed trip to Florida to take guardianship of him.  Since he as been with us he has truly blossomed; he’s a totally different kid.  Thought we’d roast though when we got down there.  When we left Alaska it was -35° and when we arrived in Florida it was +75° for a system shocking difference of 110°.  (Can't seem to change her font here..sorry). In 1982 we moved to Alaska – the best move we could have made.  We’ve had an interesting life up=2 0here in the North Country.  We started out in Willow in a 10’ by 14’ log cabin and I used to commute 101 miles one way to work at the BIA Office in Anchorage for 14 months; then we bought property in Big Lake and lived in a ten man army tent while we built our cabin – no electric except for a generator, no running water or telephone.  We ended up leaving there for Wasilla when the man we were buying the land from quit making his payments to the bank and they foreclosed on him.  And now, we’re back in Willow.  This time 12 miles up in Hatcher Pass in the Talkeetna Mountains.  In 1998 we built our place from the ground up – NO heavy equipment, NO contra ctors, NO crews just our own sweat and sore muscles.  Finally in 2002 we got regular telephone service and in 2005 we finally got “real” electricity, although we still have our generator, inverter and batteries for back up when we have power outages.  Of course we still haul our water and have ou tdoor plumbing, but all in all we have a wonderful life and would never trade it for city life.  We have moose, black and grizzly bear, ermine, martins, fox and lynx pass through the yard and a million-dollar view of Mt. McKinley (aka Denali), Mt. Hunter and Mt. Foraker right off our front deck. I’ve worked for the Feds (BIA-ANSCA) and two State agencies (DPA and CSED) and a short stint as a customer service rep for ENSTAR but have been happily unemployed since 1998 when our schedules were so conflicting that we only saw each other for about 15 minutes a day at 5:30 a.m.  We’d been married to long to see each other so seldom.  So, I quit to be a full time homemaker and part time carpenter.  It worked out for the best as that was the last summer my mom would be able to visit us in Alaska.  I was also able to spend time with her in March of 1999 having a “happy” visit before her final illness made its appearance in May.  I was also able to spend her last six weeks with her in Port Huron.  Since both sets of our parents are gone we haven’t been back to Port Huron since 1999, although we0ve talked about coming back for the 45th class reunion.

 Dave Eppley sends the following link for your review of the 60's: 

Ed. Note:  OK, I st arted working on this at 3AM, it's 7:30 now.  I screwed up (above)...can't get the fonts right.  I better quit now before I lose this newsletter!!!!!

The following people have been recently added to the newsletter e-mail list:
From Northern: Sue Frank-Arthur, Robert Strauss, Tom Hyde
From PHHS: Buzz Brahany, Bonnie Odom, John Brown, Dave Tacie, AJ Foster, John Sanderson

LAST NEWSLETTER I asked people to let me know if they wanted me to share their contact info with other classmates.  Since I only heard from 8 people that it was OK, I'm not going to pursue that endeavor real soon.  I'm still searching for a classmate with "Web Skills" to set up a web site where people who want to share addresses, news, etc. can do so.  

I will try to e-mail everyone a separate mailing of an up to date "The List" of people whose e-mail addresses we have at a later date.

Shari Perkins
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