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March 2009                                                                                            Circulation: Total: 123 
                                                                                                              PHHS: 32, PHN: 88, PHC: 3

By now you should have received an e-mail containing a link to the google/Picassa web site of a picture of the alumni who attended the Jan. 31 Mini-Reunion in Florida, taken by master photographer Bob Brewer! 

Apologies to some of you who received the photo copy that was missing Tom Sleeter's name (he was in the blue shirt, fifth from the left).  This is the first time I've tried to upload a photo for viewing, and I goofed editing the text.  Sorry, Tom!!  I'll try to make it up to you by sending another photo another day!  BTW...I think if you link in now (3 days later) Tom's name will appear correctly.

Feedback from the Mini-Reunion


The "1st Annual Class of 66 reunion, Florida Chapter of PH/PHN" was held Saturday, January 31.  There were 12 classmates, plus some spouses attending, and it was fun to get together. Bob Armitage and Sandi Witzke were the only reps from PH, but did it well and did not disappoint any of their fellow classmates!   Others in attendance (all from Northern) were:  Viki Moore-Barber, Tom Sleeter, Becky Grant-Ascoli, Nancy Emerick, Judy Sparling, Shari Perkins (the organizer), Diane Powell-Nemec, Sandy Smith-Cox, Claudia Lattin-Sweeney, and Bob Brewer (who took lots of pictures).,  We met at a restaurant down in Matlacha, FL where we all mingled, wore name tags, and shared stories.  A nice meal was followed by a "mini-meeting" and a self-introduction by each of us with a short bio.  By the end of the afternoon, we all were such great friends, shared wonderful stories and then said our good-byes.  A Committee was formed to promote Class of 66 activities: Shari as Chair, Rebecca Grant-Ascoli as Vice-Chair, Viki Moore-Barber as Secretary, Tom Sleeter as Treasurer. All in attendance are hopeful for a 2011 reunion in PH....our 45th!!


Hi fellow Huskies and Big Reds,  It was great to see so many attend the first annual mini-reunion of the Florida Chapter of the Class of 1966 of PHNHS and PHHS.  Although, we callled ourselves the "Florida" chapter, we were joined by classmates from Chicago and Port Huron also.  For those of you who were unable to attend, you missed a very nice time. It was great to catch-up with old friends.  Shari Perkins did an awesome job coordinating EVERYTHING!  We met at Sandy Hook Restaurant overlooking the bay in Matlacha.  After all the hugs, kisses, greetings and refreshments, we enjoyed a delicious meal.  This was followed by everyone sharing the events of the last fourty years in their lives.  For most of us actually living in Florida, we share a common bond - the love of the water.  Some of us sailed, some motored, some lived near it and some flew over (or into it). One thing for certain, we all agreed we'd like to meet again next year.  With that in mind, we'd like to encourage all those that attended to locate other classmates  in hopes they will also join us.  The Florida group would also like to see us have a 45th class reunion in Port Huron to include PHNHS, PHHS and PHC, and will make an effort to ensure that it happens. 

Let us hear from you if you are interested in joining us in 2010.

I just wanted to comment about the reunion for the newsletter. I was both excited about it and a little nervous. I knew how much Shari had been working on it and how much she wanted it to work out and the place to be OK and the food good and all the details. I was worried about things like, would I recognize people?  Would they recognize me? What would I say to them?...little concerns like that! My first concerns were relieved by the fact that there were name tags and also a list of people who were coming so I could do process of elimination....but that was really not necessary! It was easy to tell who was who...  despite the fact that although our hair color might have been lighter, whiter, darker, or the same as in school, or that our weights were the same, a little more (that's my category) or less (how did they do THAT!?) than in HS, and we all had a few more lines in our faces....everyone looked wonderful to me!  There is something special about seeing people we have not seen in a long time...especially people who we have shared some history with. I remember hearing a friend of ours who is a minister, talking about the tapestry of our lives and how the people we meet become part of that tapestry, woven in and out at different times in different thicknesses and colors. I saw people who were important to me in elementary school and people I saw  from H. S. who I had lost track of...and it was so fun to talk to them! They were people I would choose as friends even now. I could get really wordy here and tell you something interesting about everyone there....but that would take me a little too long. I think perhaps because it was a small group, it made it easy to talk to everyone, and because we are now who we are going to be....(it is too late for me to be somebody really important!)...that what mattered most was just getting together. We all have life stories which have enriched us. At the end of the day, when people had gone....I felt like I wanted to see everyone again soon, and that the tapestry of my life was once again enriched with colors repeated from long ago. I still have threads in my life that need to also be repeated, and hopefully, I will see those people at the next reunion wherever it may be! So to summarize the reunion in my opinion, in 4 words... Yeah, it was good.


Editor's note:  Since the folks at the Mini-Reunion voted overwhelmingly to do it again next year,  I'll be happy to do a repeat next year on the last Saturday in January, the 30th.  Or would you prefer another time or place???  Please send me your feedback/ideas.  I'd like to set a date early, so folks who have to travel to come will save the date!  (BTW, the 30th is the weekend BEFORE the Superbowl, so there's no conflict for those of you hosting parties!!)
Also, there  was much support for the idea of having our 50th Reunion on a cruise to the Bahamas or Carribean!!!


Many thanks to the alumni who sent in their BIOGRAPHIES, as follows:

Please send in yours?

I was married in 1971 and graduated with a BBA from Wayne State in 1972.  While we were at MSU; I worked in Ag Engineering and the Financial Aid Offices.  My husband did graduate work.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1973 but continued to function well in my positions. We moved to Buffalo, New York in 1980 where Don did a Post Doctorate study and we raised two children.   Since then I have been getting around with a walker.  I worked as an office manager for several years before I retired in the late 80s.  I try not to complain and keep a positive outlook.  I keep busy with the church prayer chain and with Presbyterian Women.  I also belong to the Pres. Women in the Presbytery of Western New York.  I had a seizure in May of 2008 and I also had a breathing problem in the fall and it was diagnosed as late onset asthma.  My voice has not been affected and I still have the gift to gab; MS has not changed that.  I should have gone into politics.  Ha Ha.  My husband works here at the Univ of Buffalo doing biology research.   Our daughter is a Social Worker here in Amherst and our son is in Los Angeles working as an assistant director for “Rate My Space” seen on HGTV.


Clint and I divorced about 5 years ago now.  In the midst of that I moved to Arizona with my daughter,Cori, son-in-law, Paul, and granddaughter, Gillian.  Cori had applied and been accepted to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Paul had appleid for a transfer from Chrysler to the proveing grounds here in Az.  So we all moved to Chandler,Az. on  Aug .4, 2004. Cori graduated from the 4 year program  in July, 2008, and passed her boards in Aug.  She began her practice with 2 other NDs here in Chandler.  However, she recently got an opportunity to do a residency with a Dr.Decker in Scottsdale.  He specializes in cardiololgy,  which she loves. Chrysler sold the proving grounds and moved to Yuka, a 4 hour drive from here. Now Paul leaves Tue. AM and gets home Fri. PM.  Needless to say,  I spend a great deal of time with Gillian.  Recently, my son Clinton moved out her for work, so I'm a happy mom with both of my children with me.


After graduation I attended PHJC where I was invited to not return for academic reasons.  In 1968 I enlisted in the United States Air Force.  In 1979 I received my bachelors degree and was commissioned an officer.  In 1985 I received my masters degree.  I had a golden career in the military as an air traffic controller.  I've been to most countries in the world and had the pleasure of negotiating international airspace agreements with most of them.  A very rewarding job. In 1970 I was married to the former Joyce Rebecca Massanelli of North Little Rock, AR and still am.  We had one child who will marry this year (2009).  After military retirement in 1989 I have been a City Director of Human Resources, Store manager for Montgomery Wards, and Director of Operations for the Youth Challenge Program, State of Arkansas.

I've retired twice and now drive a school bus for Pulaski County Special School District.  I also drive a van three nights each week for Pathfinders, Inc. for challenged youth.  I love them. My life is very satisfying.  I enjoy people and listening to them.  Life is good.  I'm active in my church and a couple of civic organizations.  Staying busy is fun. Unfortunately I don't know the whereabouts of anyone else in the class.  I did notice Jon Crull in your newsletter and Jon and I double dated in HS.


Where's Waldo (OR) Do you know where to find these people?

We're trying to locate the following.  Do you have any clues that could help us?????

Kathy Pierce, Joe Spadafore, Amy Dortman-Bonner,  George Straicenrider, Mike Anglebrandt, Howard Cheney, Jeri Norman-Ruiz, Chuck Kraus, Sue Mosure, Dave Williams, JoAnn Willis, Chick Dobson, Marsha Biernot, Fran Gilbert, Louella Diamond & Larry Allen, Lou Chreiki, or Gary Miller


The people below are on the e-mail list to receive the newsletter.  If you know how to reach any of your friends who are not on the list, please send me their current address, phone number, or e-mail address.

PHN   ( 5 new names since January Newsletter, see ***below)
Adams,  Mike
Albers Rogers, Ellen
Amy May, Bonnie
Bernum Roddy, Barb
Bladis Kisscorni, Tasia
Brennen,  John
***Brewer, Bob
Brothwell Moak, Nancy
Bruton, Jim
Carlisle,  Bill
Carson,  Rob
Caulkett,  Dave
Coleman,  Tom
Cordes Whitliff, Candy
Cottingham Moschel, Pat (Trish)
Crocker,  Dan
Crull, John
Deligianis, Dan
Dicer,  Al
Emerick,  Nancy

Eppley,  Dave
Evans, Jones Nancy
Fenton,  Eric
Flinchbaugh, Nancy
***Foor, Dennis
Grant, Ascoli Becky
Hamilton Schnur, Kay
Henry Crockett Irland, Ginny

Hensel Feldman, Mary Ellen
Hess Power, Sue
Hornby,  Bill
Howe, Tom
Jamison Leone, Mary

Jarchow,  Dan
Kramp Kearns, Ceci
Kramp Carlisle, Lynn
Lange,  Dave
Lattin Sweeney, Claudia
Lindsay Dahl, Jeanea
Linshied Gillain, Laura
London,  Sue
Marks,  Michael
Mason,  Larry
McIntosh,  Melanie
McKelvey Jawor, Linda
Moore,  Christie
Moore Barber, Viki
***Mosure Clark, Dorothy
Mosure Niebauer, Shirley
Neal Campbell, Cindy

Older Balmer, Cheryl
Perkins,  Shari
***Phare Mosher, Debby
Powell Nemec, Diane
Rands Powell, Mary
***Rau Hodgins, Cyndy
Ray Oke, Becky
Repp,  Greg
Riggs,  Tom
Russel,  Jerry
Sayer Mills, Cheryl/Richard
Schlueter Beno, Linda
Setter,  Larry
Sharp , Bill
Sleeter,  Tom
Smith, Larry
Smith Cox, Sandy M
Smith Mills, Lynda

Sparling Miller, Judy
Stevenson,  Doug
Stinson,  Bobbie

Tanton,  Wayne
Thornley Wisniewski, Heidi
Tomlin Schumaker, Cindy
Touma, Mike
Wakeham Roberts, Patty
Wandelt Setter, Jane
Warner, Lau Jo
Weaver, Gerry
Whitney  Mark
Wilke Smith, Nancy
Wilkins,  Friend
Wittliff, Marsh

PHHS ( 6 new names since January Newsletter, see ***below)
Armitage,  Bob
***Armstrong, Bill & Mickey (Hill)
Barker, Bob
Beckett,  Jim
Biggar Bennett, Peggy
Buckingham Sawdon, Linda
***Cash-Morris, Connie
Cleland Murphy, Ann
Emerick,  Walt
Fettes Bruton, Dorothy
Foster,  Charlie
Gholz,  Tony and Mary (White)
***Witzke, Sandi Hall
***Hill Armstrong, Mickey
Jefferson,  Ed
MacBeth Oakland, Jaki
MacJennett,  Sharon
Massman Lincoln, Cheri
***Moak, Gordon
Pettee,  Terry
Pettee Kiefer, Lucienne
***Robinson, John & Wendy (Kendrick)
Rossow,  Don
Schultz Carlisle, Pam
Stubbs,  Ed
Szczepanski, Terry & Sue (Vokes)
Tacie,  Dave
Torrey, Tom
Waters Sykes, Barb
Weichsler,  Ed
Williams Barden, Janet
PHC (1 new names since January Newsletter, see ***below)
Bennett  Lewis, Martha
***Conger, Phil
Touma Adams, Sharon
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