Class of 66 - PHN-PHHS-PHC                               Newsletter #4 - January, 2009
                                                                              Circulation: 106!!!


   We’ll be getting a few people together in Saint James City, Florida (Zip: 33956 for you "Mapquesters") on Saturday, Jan. 31. The "Main Event" - lunch, conversation, and ??? - will be between 12 noon & 5PM (for day-trippers), but those who can stay later will probably party into the night.  At least 4 people plan to spend the night in the area, and we'll plan some beach, boating, kayaking, gallery-hopping, or whatevever people want to do on Sunday.  So far, Tom Sleeter, Bob Armitage, Diane Powell-Nemec and Viki Moore-Barber have booked flights from the frozen north country to attend.  Other snowbirds and Florida residents who will be attending are: Becky Grant-Ascoli, Judy Sparling-Miller, Dave Caulkett, Sandy Smith-Cox, Nancy Emerick, and Jon CrullMarsh Wittliff is hoping to attend.  Others who have not yet confirmed include: Mary Rands-Powell, Ginny Henry-Irland, Sue Hess-Power (has conflict with another Superbowl weekend event), Pat Wakeham-Roberts, , Lynn Kramp, Richard & Cheryl (Sayer) Mills, Candy Cordes, Nancy Evans, Charlie Foster, Claudia Lattin-Sweeney, Nancy Flinchbaugh, Al Dicer, Shirley Mosure-Niebauer.  A separate mailing will be sent to the people above with maps and details next week.  Carpools are forming, so far, from Tampa & Lauderdale. 

Cheryl Rademacher, Bob Brewer, Linda Brown-Wurmliger and Dave Setter reportedly live in Florida, but we don't have any contact info on them.  If you know how we can reach them, please call 239-283-8794/Shari ASAP.  

   Hope your holidays were the merriest ever, and best wishes for the new year.
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Readers found eight of ten "Waldo's" from the November newsletter request, but we still haven't found  Debbie Phare and JoAnn Willis?  No one else can find them, can you?????

This month's lost alumni include: Amy Dortman-Bonner, Peggy Biggar, George Straicenrider, Mike Anglebrandt, Howard Cheney, Jeri Norman-Ruiz, Chuck Kraus, Sue Mosure, Dave Williams, Chick Dobson, Fran Gilbert, Louella Diamond & Larry Allen.

Is anyone aware of what happened to Joe Spadafore, Lou Chreiki, or Gary Miller

Judy Sparling Miller:  I've been married to Dale for almost 39 years and we have lived in Palm Harbor, Florida for the past 27 years.  We have a son and a daughter who live close by.  Our daughter blessed us with the joy of our lives almost four years ago with a grand-daughter. This year I decided to down-sized my life and gave up my nursing management position I've held for sixteen years and took a part-time staff position in an ambulatory care unit.  I feel like a new woman with her life back!  Now I have time for boating, shelling, camping, cooking and just doing fun things with the kids.

John Brennan:  I currently live in Holt Michigan near Lansing with my wife of 17 years, Lisa. I work for the State of Michigan as the Division Director of the MIOSHA General Industry Safety and Health Division. I have been working with the State for the last 24 years and plan on retiring the end of April 2009. 

Candy Cordes-Witliff:  I have 2 kids, Kristy, who is in Florida by her Dad and Marsh Jr who is in San Diego. My husband, Ahmed Hassan, is a physician doing Hospice for Henry Ford Health System (married 10 Years) and he has 2 sons (1 is in San Diego by Marsh Jr. and the other is in Las Vegas) I have been in Real Estate for 23 years and have a real estate appraisal business. My business partner died 2 years ago and with the downturn in the economy I sold our building and moved my business to my home.  We try to get to Naples about 9-10 days a month from Nov-March.

Jon Crull: Moved to Florida in 1984 and  currently work for the City of Daytona Beach as their Fleet Manager.   I've spent most of my career in the automotive industry having been the Fleet Manager for Port Huron Area Schools, the City of Port Orange, FL, City of Ormond Beach, FL and for the past 16 years  Daytona Beach.   I've had the opportunity throughout my career to serve in various capacities for different associations among them: (President Florida Chapter APWA, President Florida Association Govt. Fleet Administrators, Chair Public Safety Group National Association of Fleet Administrators, President Port Orange Gymnastics Organization, and three year appointment on Ford Motor Company Police Advisory Board). Married Laura McDaid (PHH) in 1973.  We just spent three weeks in Hawaii celebrating our 35th.  Two children who both live in the Daytona Beach area and one granddaughter now 11. 

Diane Powell-Nemec:  As for me, I am not in the 66 year book. I quit school after we went to PHNHS in the last semester of our Senior year. I was dating Mike Kuhn, he has passed away,  and he broke up with me and I was so broken hearted , I dropped out of school. But I only lacked 2 credits so I went to night school and got my diploma, before the end of 66. Dumb mistake. I have been married 5 times, another mistake. Or mistakes. Oh, well. I married Dennis Belger, he went to PH and then Bill Worden from PH. Bill married my good friend, Joann Truscutt, from Northern after we split. Then in 1980 I went to Las Vegas until 1994. At times I lived in Aspen, CO and Venice, CA.  I worked in the Casinos, ran Keno at Caesars Palace, worked as a cage cashier for many years in various casinos. In 1991 I started my own company, which I still have today. I moved to Chicago in 1994 and lived around Illinois until 2004 when I again divorced and moved back to Port Huron, best move I have ever made. Last year I spent 10 months in Vegas and then spent the winter in Safety Harbor, FL. I am staying home this year so far. Other than going to Illinois to visit my daughter and grand-kids and Great grand-baby. Also my manufacturing plant is in Illinois and I go there once in awhile to check on things. My daughter works for me. My oldest son also lives in that area. My youngest son and his family live here in PH. My oldest Grand-daughter is going to Knox College in Illinois and at this time she is in China teaching English to kids there. I love her emails.


Ceci Kramp-Kearns:  Regarding what I have been doing all of these years, it is a long story.  Denny Kearns and I married the January after graduation during one of the worst snow storms of that era.  Nine months after we were married I had our first child.  By the time I was 26, I had four children.  At age 29 I had a hysterectomy and that prohibited my childbearing years.  All of our children are married with children of their own.  Our eldest daughter is an underwriter for a major medical insurance company and works out of her home here in Port Huron.  Our second daughter is an enforcer for the DEQ (used to be Dept of Natural Resources) in Lansing.  Our third daughter is a teacher at Fort Gratiot Middle School.  And finally, our son and his wife are teachers at PHN.  We have truly enjoyed our nine grandchildren.  They range in age from 16 yrs to 1 yr.  We even have one set of identical twin boys.  They have been the joy of our lives.  Denny is still a Real Estate Broker and Insurance Agent.  He is a family business with eight of his siblings.  .He has just been elected to his third term as a County Commissioner.  I worked as a secretary for the first year of our marriage.  I retired to be a stay-at-home mom to raise our family.  When our youngest child went to school, I went on to the Community College and received my Registered Nurse degree.  I worked for Port Huron Hospital for 18 years, 10 yrs in Special Care Nursery ( sick and premature infants) and the remaining 8 years in the Pediatric Department.  I loved my job very much. In 2001, I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.  I had severe blood clotting in both feet and both legs up to my waist.  I under went intense chemotherapy and radiation.  The doctors prognoses my life expectancy to be 6 months to a year.  That was seven years ago.  I feel good now, but still can not work.  In 2005 my husband, Denny, was diagnosed with stage IV  prostate cancer.  He had surgery and hormone therapy.  Unfortunately it has metastasized to his lungs and bones.  In spite of his illness, he still goes to work every day and doesn't complain of pain.  Besides taking care of our children with babysitting etc.  I help take care of my mother who has recently become blind as a result of a stroke.  My father passed away in June of 1989 while recovering in the ICU after open heart surgery.  My only sibling,my sister Kathy, passed away in July of 1998 of breast cancer.  She was 47 yrs old.  My sister and her two daughter, my mother and I were fortunate to take a couple of trips together before she died.  Denny and I have had the great opportunity take a few trips together.  We have been to Spain, a Mexico Rivera cruise, Caribbean cruise and some land trips to Mexico  Hawaii and 'Florida.  Denny went to London., England for his niece's wedding (she lived with us for several years).  I also went on a Medical Mission to Guatemala with our family doctor , some Interns and a Dentist and his staff.  It was a very rewarding experience.  That's a quick summary of my lifetime to this point.  Oh! I almost forgot that Denny and I played the mother and father roles in last years production of the Nutcracker.  It was a lot of hard work,  but we enjoyed every minute of it. It was a great honor and privilege to be a part of such a wonderful, well choreographed and well directed program.

Others:  I've talked on the phone to lots of folks and heard lots of great tales, but they haven't sent their bios to me yet.  How about it Larry Setter, Al Dicer, Barb Waters-Sykes,  Mary White & Tony Gholz, Nancy Flinchbaugh, Doug Stevenson, Shirley Mosure-Niebauer, Nancy Emerick, Cindy Tomlin, Terry Pettee???

It’s been 12 years since the last list of school alumni has been updated.  In July 2008, we began searching for alumni, starting with only three names, including mine!  Within 3 weeks, we had 12 names, and started the first newsletter.  (Issue #2 was circulated to about 25, Issue #3 to about 50, and this issue to 101!!!.)  Volunteers from each school have stepped up to help find people and gather addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses as follows:

PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams
(810) 385-5416

PHHS: Ann Cleland-Murphy

PHN: ‎Patty Wakeham-Roberts
(810) 364-6193
Nancy Evans-Jones
(810) 841-8155

In addition, Pam & Bill Carlisle, Tom Coleman, Ginny Henry-Crockett-Irland, Dan Crocker, Viki Moore-Barber, Diane Powell-Nemec have helped locate several people, and lots of people have helped add a name or two to “THE LIST”.  See who's "in the loop" below:

   (23 new names since Nov. 11 Newsletter, see ***below)
Adams,  Mike
Albers Rogers, Ellen
Amy May, Bonnie
Bernum Roddy, Barb
Bladis Kisscorni, Tasia
***Brennen,  John
Brothwell Moak, Nancy
***Bruton, Jim
Carlisle,  Bill
Carson,  Rob
Caulkett,  Dave
Coleman,  Tom
***Cordes Whitliff, Candy
Cottingham Moschel, Pat (Trish)
Crocker,  Dan
***Crull, John
Deligianis, Dan
Dicer,  Al
Emerick,  Nancy

Eppley,  Dave
Evans, Jones Nancy
Fenton,  Eric
***Flinchbaugh, Nancy
Grant, Ascoli Becky
Hamilton Schnur, Kay
Henry Crockett Irland, Ginny

***Hensel Feldman, Mary Ellen
Hess Power, Sue
Hornby,  Bill
***Howe, Tom 
Jarchow,  Dan
***Jamison Leone, Mary
***Kramp Kearns, Ceci
Kramp Carlisle, Lynn
Lange,  Dave
***Lattin Sweeney, Claudia
Lindsay Dahl, Jeanea
Linshied Gillain, Laura
London,  Sue
Marks,  Michael
***Mason,  Larry
McIntosh,  Melanie
***McKelvey Jawor, Linda
Moore,  Christie
Moore Barber, Viki
***Mosure Niebauer, Shirley
Neal Campbell, Cindy

Older Balmer, Cheryl
Perkins,  Shari
***Powell Nemec, Diane
Rands Powell, Mary
Ray Oke, Becky
Repp,  Greg
Riggs,  Tom
Russel,  Jerry
Sayer Mills, Cheryl/Richard
***Schlueter Beno, Linda
***Setter,  Larry
Sharp , Bill
Sleeter,  Tom
Smith Mills, Lynda
Smith, Larry
***Smith Cox, Sandy
***Sparling Miller, Judy
***Stevenson,  Doug
Stinson,  Bobbie

Tanton,  Wayne
Thornley Wisniewski, Heidi
Tomlin Schumaker, Cindy
***Touma, Mike
Wakeham Roberts, Patty
***Wandelt Setter, Jane
Warner, Lau Jo
Weaver, Gerry
***Whitney  Mark
Wilke Smith, Nancy
Wilkins,  Friend
***Wittliff, Marsh

17 new names since Nov. 11 Newsletter, see ***below)
Armitage,  Bob
***Barker, Bob
***Beckett,  Jim
***Biggar Bennett, Peggy
***Buckingham Sawdon, Linda
Cleland Murphy, Ann
***Emerick,  Walt
***Fettes Bruton, Dorothy
***Foster,  Charlie
Gholz,  Tony and Mary (White)
Jefferson,  Ed
MacBeth Oakland, Jaki
MacJennett,  Sharon
***Massman Lincoln, Cheri
Pettee,  Terry
***Pettee Kiefer, Lucienne
***Rossow,  Don
Schultz Carlisle, Pam
***Stubbs,  Ed
***Szczepanski, Terry & Sue (Vokes)
***Tacie,  Dave
***Torrey, Tom
***Waters Sykes, Barb
***Weichsler,  Ed
***Williams Barden, Janet
***Bennett  Lewis,
Touma Adams, Sharon

   Only 4 people attended the October Reunion Planning Committee meeting.  Another meeting will be held in the spring to see if there’s more interest.  This time the meeting won’t be on a football game day!
   Volunteers for the next Reunion Planning Committee include:  Patty Wakeham-Roberts, Nancy Evans-Jones, Ann Cleland-Murphy.  Can we put your name here?

   Phone calls and feedback from alumni have offered ideas on possible activities for the future.  Ideas include:
1. A 45th Reunion-located in PH or somewhere more centrally located like Louisville, KY?  St. Louis?
2. Gathering for special events in PH such as Homecoming and Mackinaw.
3. Fund raisers to help fund the next reunion for example: T-shirt or Sweatshirt with, for example,
       “Port Huron Northern” “Class of ’66 - Alumni”
4. Collecting donations for a “Class Gift” for each school
5. Create our own website, where people can post their contact info, blog, post notices, etc. Please contact Shari if you're interested in helping with this one!! 

Submissions for the March 2009 Newsletter are due no later than Feb. 28.    You know, the best parts of this newsletter are items you've sent in...the rest of the "stuff" I just have to make up to fill the space!!!

Shari Perkins, Editor
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956