Class of 66 - PHN-PHHS-PHC
                                       Newsletter #3
                                      November 2008

October Reunion Meeting
     Nancy Evans and Patty Wakeham-Roberts organized a meeting for people interested in a reunion on Oct. 18.  Ann Cleland-Murphy was unable to attend,  because her daughter decided to go into labor that day!!  Ed Jefferson (PH) and Laura Linscheid (PHN) showed up.  They felt there was not enough support to proceed with developing plans for a reunion at this time, and decided not to have any further meetings, til at least spring.  They felt that it was important to try to locate a larger number of classmates.  
Who lives in Florida or comes down in the winter?
     I'm planning a Jan/Feb. "Mini-Reunion/ Social" for those who can make it.  Tentative plans include:  a boat ride to Sanibel or Captiva for lunch at the Mucky Duck, Barnacle Phil's, Tween Waters, Cabbage Key or Useppa, boat back up to North Captiva for an afternoon in the sun, dinner back at Shari's on Pine Island, and best of all FREE BEER!!!!!!
     The mailing list for further details on this event includes: Viki Moore-Barber, Tom Sleeter, Mary Rands-Powell, Becky Grant-Ascoli, Ginny Henry-Irland, Sue Hess-Power, Pat Wakeham-Roberts, Lynn Kramp, Nancy Emerick, Dave Caulkett, Richard & Cheryl (Sayer) Mills.  If you want me to add your name to the above, please contact me.
     After this newsletter, I'll only send details of the mid-winter event to the people above.  If you are not  listed above or you want to be added to the list, please be sure to send me the dates you'll be down this way.
Where's Waldo?
    Look at this picture.  What picture? The picture of the "Class of 66 Missing Persons", 
of course.  Where is Mary Ellen Hensel?  Karen Richards?  Judy Sparling? Al Dicer?  Candy Cordes? Debbie Phare? Doug Stevenson?  Mike Touma? JoAnn Willis?  Larry Stein?  Larry Setter?   No one else can find them, can you?????
Help from/for PHHS
    Could someone from PHHS step up and help us get contact info from your class??  Ann Cleland-Murphy is swamped with new work and home responsibilities and could really use some help.

***-Denotes new since last mailing
PORT HURON NORTHERN - only 54 names!!!
Adams,  Mike
***Albers-Rogers, Ellen
***Amey-May, Bonnie
***Bennett-Lewis, Martha (????unconfirmed???)
***Bernum-Roddy, Barbara
Bladis Kisscorni, Tasia
***Brothwell-Moaks, Nancy
Carlisle,  Bill
***Carson, Rob
Caulkett,  Dave
Coleman,  Tom
Cottingham Moschel, Pat (Trish)
***Crocker, Dan
Deligianis,  Dan
Emerick,  Walt
Emerick,  Nancy
Eppley,  Dave
Evans Jones, Nancy
Fenton,  Eric
Grant Ascoli, Becky
Hamilton Schnur, Kay
Henry-Irland, Ginny
***Hess-Power, Sue
Hornby,  Bill
Jarchow, Dan
Kramp Carlisle, Lynn
***Kramp-Kearns, Ceci (unconfirmed)
Lange,  Dave
Lindsay Dahl, Jean
Linsheid Gillain, Laura
London,  Sue
Marks,  Michael
***McIntosh, Melanie
Moore,  Christie
Moore Barber, Viki
Neal Campbell, Cindy
Older Balmer, Cheryl
Perkins,  Shari
***Terry Pettee
Rands, Powell Mary
***Ray Oke, Becky
Repp,  Greg
Riggs,  Tom
Russel, Jerry 
Sayer Mills, Cheryl  (& Richard)
***Sharp, Bill
Sleeter,  Tom
Smith Mills, Lynda
Smith,  Larry
Stinson,  Bobbie
Tanton,  Wayne
Thornley Wisniewski, Heidi
***Tomlin-Shumaker, Cindy
Wakeham Roberts, Pat
Warner Lau, Jo
*** Weaver, Jerry
***Wilke-Smith, Nancy
Wilkins,  Friend
PORT HURON HIGH SCHOOL - only 8 names!!!
Armitage,  Bob & Debbie
Beckett,  Jim 
Cleland Murphy, Ann 
Gholz,  Tony & Mary 
Jefferson,  Ed 
MacBeth Oakland, Jaki 
MacJennett,  Sharon 
Schultz Carlisle, Pam 
Touma Adams, Sharon
Please contact me with any info you have on anyone not on the list above. 


NEW FEATURE: Classmate Biographies - Send me yours for next newsletter!!!!!!

    I asked "The Committee" to send me a brief biography, and Nancy sent me hers.  If you'd like to share where you've been since '66, please send it to me and I'll put a couple in each newsletter.

    Nancy Evans: I lived and worked in Arizona for 37 years.  Three years ago, I moved back to the PH area with my husband Len after my uncle died and left me his Fort Gratiot house.  Len and I are slowly making improvements to the 78-year-old farmhouse, garage/barn, and 3 acres of trees and flower gardens, except now Len is looking for a new career in Utah.  If he lands the one he's after, we will be living far apart for awhile.  In the meantime, I'm living here with our overactive Australian shepherd, sorting family memorabilia, furniture, and making room for our things inside this overfilled house.  Anyone want to buy a wringer washing machine?

    Eric Fenton: Eric is the pastor of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, a beautiful church in Texas.  Check out his website (click on "About Us") at:

    Shari Perkins: I went to MSU and shared an apartment with Cindy Neal-Campbell for our junior year.  Then went to Indiana Univ. and got married.  I worked as a "professional" Girl Scout for 3 years; fondly remembering my days in PH as a "Mariner"!!!  We  moved to Ohio, where I was a teacher, had kids, and then got a divorce.  While there, I ran into Merry Matthews working in one of the large dept. stores, in marketing?, but lost track of her.  When my baby went to 1st grade, we went back to school in Indiana, then moved back to Ohio where I taught again til my kids finished school. From 1997-2004, my next door neighbor in Athens, OH was (Miss) Marilyn Clark, our womens "Gym" teacher from PH & PHN!!!!  In 2004 I  moved to Florida, to care for my parents, and am still here. 

     Mike Marks: LATE BREAKING NEWS - Source: PH Times Herald - "Former Supervisor Michael Marks returned to office in Clyde Township after a four-year absence.  Marks, a Republican, defeated independent Franz Neruda 1,534 votes to 1,059.  Clyde had one of the most hotly contested municipal elections in St. Clair County with eight candidates seeking four four-year terms on its board of trustees. Marks had been township supervisor from 1996 to 2004. He defeated incumbent Barb Cutcher in the August Republican primary."  Congratulations, Mike!!!!




    Someone asked me to add Martha Bennett Lewis to the list, and gave me her e-mail address.  The e-mail I sent bounced.  On investigating, I can't find her listed as a member of the Class of 66.  (Sorry, I forgot who sent me the info.) If you have any info, please let me know, otherwise, I'll have to drop her from the list.

    Can anyone update contact info on the following people?  I can't locate:

Marsh Whitliff - Clearwater Beach, FL (not listed)

Nancy Flinchbaugh-Randolph- New Smyrna Beach, FL (not listed)

Claudia Lattin-Sweeney-near Naples, FL (not listed)

Sue Mosure-Bullock and Shirley Mosure-Neibauer somewhere in Florida???

Barb Waters-Buffalo, New York????

Dave Williams-somewhere in the Chicago area???

    With the holidays coming, why not go through your address book and send a holiday greeting to all the people listed there who graduated in 66, that you haven't sent anything to in the last ten years. You could include a copy of this newsletter as well!!  That would be good deed for you, a gift for a long lost friend, and a great help to me!!!
   That's all til January.  Happy Holidays.



Shari Perkins
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956
Phone: 239-283-8794