Newsletter # 27


             Is Very Little News... Good News?????? 

PHC Reunion

PHC All School Reunion is July 20, 2013 at McMorran Place Pavilion.  The website is:

Class of '66 Lunch

Meets the first Wed of the month at the Fuel restaurant (downtown PH) at 12 noon.  Info: contact Terry Pettee:

Sad News:

Since the last newsletter PHN has lost several classmates:  Bob Barr, Dan Foglesong, Bob Papinau, Ron Shepherd, Ed Sparr, Bob Strauss, Larry Terbush.  PH lost Richard Karl.


Dates to Remember:
Class of '66 Lunch: Wed., July 3, 2013, noon, The Fuel

PHC Reunion: July 20, 2013

Mackinac Weekend - July 20-22, 2013

Feb. 23, 2014: 6th Annual Florida Mini Reunion, St. James City, FL
Sometime 2016 - 50th Reunion!!!!!!!!

School Contact List Coordinators:  PLEASE UPDATE ANY CHANGES.....

Each school in our "Class of '66", has a volunteer who maintains a list of graduates for our "Class List".
Contact your school rep below to change/update your name, address, phone number(s), E-Mail address, Veteran Status, or report an obituary.
PHHS: George Murdick:, or phone 810-987-6539
PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416
Northern: Shari Perkins: or phone 239-283-8794


Dave Caulkett has developed a website for the Class of '66.  It contains Newsletter archives and "Lost List" for each of the three schools.  Cut and paste into your address box (not your search engine):



Please check out our new Facebook page: HWBR Port Huron

(HWBR: Huskies, Warriors, Big Reds!)


Shari Perkins, Editor
2758 Eighth Ave.
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