Class of '66                Newsletter #25                                     May 1, 2012

Sorry it's been so long since the last newsletter, but incoming news from alums has been extremely sparse, to say the least, and my winter-spring has been one for the books (more on that later!).


The Florida Mini Reunion was held Sat., Feb 25 at Woody's in St. James City, FL. 

Check out the photo taken after many of the folks had left at:


GUEST COLUMN by Viki Moore Barber

Shari asked me if I would write a little newsletter item about the Florida reunion. If I wait long enough, Shari should be completely recovered! But since she still needs a bit of a break, I will do a little report. If you didn't know, Shari had a pretty extensive heart surgery a few weeks before the reunion. Rehabilitation wouldn't stop her from coming...she just planned to bring a comfy chair so she could put her feet up! Not long after the Florida reunion, her best man and partner, Alex, ALSO had a major heart incident, and while helping take him to doctors and facing pacemakers, she stopped to see her dad who had fallen and also had some heart issues. Dad is now west of Chicago near Shari's brother, and Alex and Shari are both now back at home with their feet up, I hope.

The reunion happened again this year at Woody's on Pine Island on February 25th. This is a great little spot where, weather permitting, we can sit or stand outside and have a drink or so and order food whenever we want. A fun thing about the reunion is that we do get RSVP's which helps to plan...but you can also “just show up.” I always look forward to seeing the people who come each year because each year you get a little more connected...but it is also fun to be surprised at who shows up. This year as last year, we had some different folks join us....Let's see if I can remember everyone who came...Cheryl Rademacher Brown, Richard and Candy Robinson, Don and Myrna Kitchen, Pat and Judy Cogley, Mavis Jex and Jack Lytle, Cherie and Tom Balmer, Eric and Rebecca Grant Ascoli, Tom Sleeter, Nancy Emerick, Dave Caulkett, Bob Brewer, Shari Perkins and Alex Weizenecker, and Viki and Jim Barber... I hope I didn't forget anyone!..If I did, I apologize...I am trying to picture everyone there in my mind. ...And a couple pictures I see are the big Hummer coming in from the West side of the state with a carload of people I always look forward to seeing and Mavis and Jack driving away in their fun little convertible sports car....what kind was that? The restaurant is on a little river and several of us bought rubber ducks for the race which was going to happen the following week. I waited several weeks back in Michigan for the winning check, but sadly my duck was not the fastest or most assertive and I didn't receive the prize. Anyway, if you can get all your ducks in a row (I couldn't help myself !) join us next year. The plan so far, is again on Pine Island the last Saturday in February. If there is another spot in Florida that would be easier for more to get to and you would be willing to help plan, that would be fine. Just let Shari know. I think she also had some email addresses that have bounced back, so if you have any changes make sure to let her know. I will give her some space as I mail this back to her so that she can add anything she wanted to tell you. In the meantime...have a great summer and hopefully we will see you in Florida next February. Respectfully submitted!....Viki Moore Barber

MINI - 2013 - Feb. 23

So far, I've heard that three couples will spend a week on Pine island for next years Mini-Reunion: Cherie Older-Balmer & husband Tom, Tom Sleeter and wife Jan, Viki MJoore-Barber and husband Jim.  Coinsider joining us????


NEWS Received

Mike Adams (PHN) arrived in Florida...... a bit late for the MINI Reunion.  So we had a Mini-MINI, three weeks late!!! 

Mike graciously took Alex and I to lunch at Woody's, so now Mike can find his way back to the MINI next year!!


Dave Caulkett sends a link to the Times Herald article about the freighter grounded off Lighthouse Park: 



Rumor has it that the Class of '66 is meeting on the first Wednesday every month for lunch at the FUEL (213 Huron Ave.) in PH. 

Contact Terry Pettee:, or 810-987-4759 for details.

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PHHS: George Murdick:, 810-987-6539
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Northern: Shari Perkins: or phone 239-283-8794

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What happened to the photo of Mavis Jex-Lytle and Jack in their sports car leaving the Mini???


Dates to Remember: Mark your calendar!!

Feb. 23, 2013 - 5th Annual Florida Mini Reunion, last Saturday in February

11 a.m. - 5p.m. at "Woody's", 3051 Stringfellow Rd., St. James City, FL, 33956

Sometime in 2016 - 50th Reunion!!!!!!!!

Shari Perkins, Editor
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956


PS. FYI.....Am doing well after two stents, three bypasses and a valve job for me, Alex had two stents and a pacemaker/defibrillator combo!