PORT HURON CLASS OF '66 

October 1, 2008
Newsletter #1 went to several Northern Huskies, but got passed along to PHHS & PHC friends. 
Since we all want to "reune" together, from now on, newsletters will get sent to all "Class of '66"
folks who send me their e-mail addresses.  We now have over 50 e-mail addresses for our class, but that's only about 10% of the total.  Where are your friends?  If you know someone from PHHS, PHN, or PHC who is not on the list below, please forward this newsletter to them, so they can send me their info.  Thanks go to Eric Fenton and Pat Wakeham who sent me class lists from the 1996 reunion. 

REUNION MEETING  in Port Huron - Pat Wakeham Roberts, Nancy Evans Jones, Ann Cleland Murphy and Sharon Touma Adams will have an open meeting for everyone interested in planning a reunion.  The meeting will be on Saturday, Oct. 18, at the Angry Bull at 5078 on Lapeer Rd. in Wadhams; betrween Range Rd. & Wadhams Rd and across from the KOA Campground.  Please try to attend.  If you're interested, but can't attend, please call  or e-mail:
Sharon Touma-Adams - E-Mail:, (810) 385-5416
Ann Cleland-Murphy - E-Mail:
Patty Wakeham-Roberts - E-Mail:, (810) 364-6193
Nancy Evans-Jones -
E-Mail:, Phone:  (810) 841-8155
Watch for Newsletter # 3 for a summary of the meeting.

REUNION in Florida - Shari Perkins will be having a mini class reunion in southwest Florida on January 17 or Jan. 24.  From what I can tell so far, we have several alumni in the Tampa,  Ft. Lauderdale and Ft. Myers areas.  Let's get together.  Can you come?  Do you have a date preference? If you'll send me your address and phone number, I'll share the info with people who live near you, so you can get together and carpool.
WHO IS ON THE LIST- The following people are on the e-mail list for Newsletter distribution.  If you have an e-mail address (or phone number, or mailing address) for anyone whose name does not appear below, please send the info to:  Please make the effort to help us contact others.
Adams,  Mike
Bladis Kisscorni, Tasia
Carlisle,  Bill
Caulkett,  Dave
Coleman,  Tom
Cottingham Moschel, Pat (Trish)
Deligianis,  Dan
Emerick,  Walt
Emerick,  Nancy
Eppley,  Dave
Evans Jones, Nancy
Fenton,  Eric
Grant Ascoli, Becky
Hamilton Schnur, Kay
Hornby,  Bill
Jarchow, Dan
Kramp Carlisle, Lynn
Lange,  Dave
Lindsay Dahl, Jean
Linshied Gillain, Laura
London,  Sue
Henry Irland, Ginny
Marks,  Michael
Moore,  Christie
Moore Barber, Viki
Neal Campbell, Cindy
Older Balmer, Cheryl
Perkins,  Shari
Rands, Powell Mary
Repp,  Greg
Riggs,  Thomas W.
Russel, Jerry 
Sayer Mills, Cheryl
Sleeter,  Tom
Thornley Wisniewski, Heidi
Smith Mills, Lynda
Smith,  Larry
Stinson,  Bobbie
Tanton,  Wayne
Wakeham Roberts, Pat
Warner Lau, Jo
Wilkins,  Friend
Armitage,  Bob & Debbie 
Beckett,  Jim 
Cleland Murphy, Ann 
Gholz,  Tony & Mary 
Jefferson,  Ed 
MacBeth Oakland, Jaki 
MacJennett,  Sharon 
Schultz Carlisle, Pam 
Touma Adams, Sharon
Congratulations to Grand Rapids teacher Viki Moore on her retirement.
Nancy Evans has returned to PH after 37 years in Arizona.
Congratulations to Ann Cleland, the new Asst. Principal of Northern HS.
Please send news items for the next newsletter by Nov. 1, to:
Shari Perkins
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956
Phone: 239-283-8794