Class of 1966 
March 12, 2011

Newsletter # 19 

45th Reunion Committee Report
The following people attended committee meetings since last report:
PHN: Ginny Henry-Irland, Patty Wakeham Roberts, Cindy Neal-Campbell, Carol Koob,Ceci Kramp-Kearns, Tom Coleman, Dan Crocker,
PHHS:  Ann Cleland-Mauphy, Terry Pettee, Lucienne Kiefer, George Murdick
PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams
What school??:   Michael Bower, Tom Noetzel

The next scheduled reunion meeting is on Tuesday, March 22 at 6:00 pm at Ann Cleland Murphy's house.  We hope to have the official reunion invitations mailed out by March 25. 

Announcing: A Mariners Reunion
The Mariners (Girl Scouts) will hold a reunion sometime during our reunion weekend.  Details will be sent soon.  An announcement was sent to all Mariners of record earlier today.  If you did not get one, contact Shari.  Coordinating the event will be:
Judy Ploeger (517-263-0615):
& Laurie Irwin (608-233-0543):

Mini Reunion:
News and photos will be in the next soon as people send their photos!!

Bios, Info from classmates:

From Sylvia Gardner-Voelpel:  Gee, I have always wondered what I would say if someone asked me about the past 45 years.  I have always been a stay at home wife and mother.  Stuart and I have been married for 41 years.  When I look back at pictures I think we were so young.   We moved a lot for most of our marriage, but have now lived in Pinehurst for the past 15 years.  Both children were raised in east and west Tennessee.  Then a hospital job became available for Stuart in Pinehurst, NC.  We don't golf either but the courses are beautiful to look at all year round.  I have been diabetic for 54 years now and am amazed that I am still here.  I have had lots of complications, but as I live one day at a time I feel I am doing very well.  I can still take care of my three grandsons so I must be doing something right!  Stuart and I have traveled to a lot of places and now I am wanting to stay in the states.  There is no place like home! 

From Greg Jones:   I'm retired now.  Worked as a COBOL Programmer for over 17 years.  The high tech got to high for me, so I got my CDL and drove OTR the last 3 years of my working life.  Been married for over 42 years to Jill Ward.  Have two girls and 6 Grandchildren.

From Melanie McIntosh:
  Graduated from U-Mich and went to U-Wisconsin for a Masters in Social Work.  I worked for 40 years in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems as well as a few years managing programs for an Area Agency on Aging and a few years writing grants for non-profits.  Retired in 2009 and moved to Berkeley area of California to be near daughter's family. Daughter is a lawyer and works as a trainer and forensic interviewer to help protect children who have been sexually assaulted. Son is a student in Wisconsin who works with the Urban League to develop a charter school for at risk youth.  My current interests and activities include - auditing classes at UC-Berkeley, catering, continuing ceramic work in a local studio, taking other art classes, hiking, knitting, and dog training.


Bio from Cindy O'Neil-Danks: I married my husband, Barry, in 1969 and we lived in the Milford/Highland area while he made a career working for GM at the Proving Ground.  I too worked there for a while after graduating from EMU.  Then two children, Kristen and Brandon kept me busy until I returned to work as a legal secretary.  From there I went to school for Ultrasound and became a technologist, which I loved.  I worked several places but mainly 16 years at Huron Valley Sinai Hospital in Commerce.  We were avid boaters and typically, started out small in a 16’ sailboat and ended up in a 36’ Krogen trawler.  We got out of boating and in 2006 we built a chalet type home on 10 acres of woods along a stream near my husband’s childhood home in Atlanta, MI.  We have become very active in local politics (Barry is a county commissioner)  Two years ago I shot my first buck with the new rifle my husband got me for Christmas.  My mother recently came to live with us and we are currently building a mother-in-law apartment connected to our home by a common foyer.  We’ve been living off the land – canning, freezing, making jelly, processing our own venison, picking morels, making our own wine, and making homemade maple syrup.  Aside from the distance from our children and grandchildren (Milford and Grand Rapids),  it’s been a great life up north here.

Mike Gladwish - An article in the PH Times Herald wbout his appearance on the "Newlyweds" game show many yearsa ago; see:

From Bill Carlisle: a quick note which should be of interest to is a FREE music site that plays all the popular tune for each year 1950 to the present and offers much more----a must for your favorites book----let me know how you like it----thanks to PJ we can all enjoy this.

Thanks to DON KITCHEN for a generous donation to our PHN Treasury. Additional donations Becky Grant and Judy Sparling.
I have asked Tom Sleeter to act as Treasurer for our funds; this is separate from the July reunion expenses.

OBIT:  James R Beckett from PHN 66 & Port City Communications passed away Mon Feb 14, 2011. Obit in PH Times Herald of that date.


Dates to Remember:
March 22, 2011: Next reunion meeting
July 15-17, 2011: 45th Reunion in PH
Feb. 25, 2012: 4th Annual Florida Mini Reunion


School Contact List Coordinators:

Each school in our "Class of '66", has a volunteer who maintains a list of graduates for our "Class List".
Contact your school rep below to change/update you name, address, phone number(s), E-Mail address, Veteran Status, or report an obituary.
PHHS: George Murdick:, 810-987-6539
PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416
Northern: Shari Perkins: or phone 239-283-8794

PHHS Coordinator: Ann Cleland-Murphy: or phone: 810-385-8610

PHC Coordinator: Sharon Touma Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416

Northern Coordinator: Pat Wakeham Roberts: or phone: 810-434-3904

Dave Caulkett has developed a web site for the Class of 66. So far, it contains Reunion Preliminaries, Newsletter Archives, the PHN & PHHS "LOST" Lists, and the  PHC "E-mail Addresses Needed" List.  Cut and paste into your address box (not your search engine):

Shari Perkins, Editor
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956

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