News Bulletin - Feb. 14, 2011

Next Reunion Meeting:
The next reunion meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 21 at 6:00 at Terry Pettee's house - 2403 Sanborn St.

FLORIDA "MINI" Reunion - Clearwater Beach - Feb. 26!!!
RSVP: dandjnow@gmail.comJust 2 weeks away!!!   Judy Sparling-Miller and Marsh Witliff have been working hard getting this event organized!  A dining facility has just opened and Judy has arranged a buffet ($15?) to be served about noon.  So come about 11:30. Judy needs a head count; please RSVP via e-mail: dandjnow@gmail.comDirections: From Tampa International Airport, head west across Tampa Bay on the W Courtney-Campbell Causeway toward Clearwater.  Continue west on Gulf to Bay Drive through Clearwater onto the Memorial Causeway out to Clearwater Beach.  When you see the Gulf of Mexico at the roundabout, take Mandalay Ave. north (turn right) to 880 Mandalay; a tall condo complex on your left.  There's a large gated  parking lot; tell the attendant you've come to Marsh's High School Reunion at the restaurant, and park anywhere except the covered spaced.  The receptionist and restaurant are to the left in the lobby.  If you get lost, contact cell phones: Judy: 727-415-0062  or Shari: 740-707-9034.

Save the Date Postcards:
By now, you should have received a "Save the Date" postcard from the reunion committee.  If you did not get one, please conatct your school database coordinator.  Each school in our "Class of '66", has a volunteer who maintains a list of graduates to maintain the "Class List".
Contact your school rep below to change/update you name, address, phone number(s), E-Mail address, Veteran Status, or report an obituary.
PHHS: George Murdick:, 810-987-6539
PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416
Northern: Shari Perkins: or phone 239-283-8794

LOST Lists:
Please check out our class web site (Thanks to Dave Caulkett).
  It contains Reunion Preliminaries, Newsletters #1 through #18, the PHN & PHHS "LOST" Lists, and the  PHC "E-mail Addresses Needed" List.  Notify George, Sharon, or Shari if you have ANY info on our missing classmates.
Cut and paste into your address box (not your search engine):

Sorry this is late, my Dad has had health problems, and we had a death in the family.  I'll get the newsletter out ASAP.  Send me your "News"!!!

Happy Valentine's Day....

Shari Perkins
Newsletter Editor
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956