Class of '66                 Newsletter #17                           November 2010



The following people met to plan the 45th Reunion scheduled for July 15-17, 2011:
Ann Murphy, Linda (Sheldon) Taylor, Michael Bower, Dan Crocker, Terry Pettee, Carol A. Koob, George Strackenrider, Pat Cogley, Dave Eppley, Ed Weichsler, Pam Carlisle, Ceci Kearns, Pat Roberts, Ginny (Henry) Irland

The Reunion Committee is really off and running, going "great guns", so "Reunion News" will be discontinued, so they can save some "secrets and  surprises" for the big event!!!  Committee contact information and Meeting Date/times (below) will continue to be included.

Next Meeting: @ 6:30 PM on Dec. 2, 2010 at Ann's: 2978 Sandy Oaks Ln., Fort Gratiot (off Lake Shore Rd, south of Metcalf Rd). Y'all come!!

PHHS Coordinator: Ann Cleland-Murphy: or phone: 810-385-8610

PHC Coordinator: Sharon Touma Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416

Northern Coordinator: Pat Wakeham Roberts: or phone: 810-434-3904
Secretary: Ginny Henry-Irland
Reunion Committee: All who come to meetings and volunteer!!!!
Veteran's Affairs: Dan Crocker

Reunion Photographer: Bob Brewer and ????? (need one volunteer from each school to help with names)

Booklet/Souvenier CD(?) makers: Dan Crocker and Ed Weischler
Save the Date cards: Mary White-Gholz, Sharon Touma-Adams, Pat Wakeham-Roberts
Invitations: Linda Sheldon, Lou Kiefer, Cindy Neal-Campbell
TV Advertising: Carol Koob
Sat. PM Music/Band: Carol Koob, Pam Carlisle
Volunteers needed
Name Tags:
Pam Carlisle, George Stracienrider, Ceci Kramp- Kearns, Ginny Henry-Irland
Friday night: Casual get together at the Vintage Tavern - Tom Coleman & Cindy Neal-Campbell, Carol Koob
Saturday: Huron Lady Cruise: Patty Wakeham-Roberts
Saturday: Golf Outing: Cyrus Bridge
Saturday Dinner: Ann Cleland-Murphy, Sharon Touma-Adams, Pat Wakeham Roberts
Sunday AM at Vantage Point/Bean Dock: 
Volunteers needed
PHHS: Open House:
Volunteers needed
PHN Open House: Dave Eppley: & Ellen Albers-Rogers:


Thanks to all who responed to the Reunion Survey: Linda Seely-Hyde-Smith, Toni Gottsleben-Shekell, Bob Armitage, John Brown, Nancy Evans-Jones, Russell See, Bruce Maiden, Jim Lusko, Viki Moore-Barber, Beth Lampard-Teller, Cathy Hess-Brace,  Friend Wilkins, Rob Carson, Jim Leslie, Mary Jamison, Ted Rachwal, John Brennan, George Murdick, Cheryl Older, Ron Ferriby, Nancy Hamilton-Prahl, Carolyn Mitchell-Longmire, Ed Stubbs, Susan Frank-Arthur, Ginny Henry-Irland, Sue London, Rich Smeltzer, Ed Mitchell, Pat Roberts, Jean Lindsay-Dahl, Ed Stubbs, and I'm sure I lost track of a few names, sorry!

CORRECTIONS to Newsletter #16:  Carol Koob and Donnie Burton are not cousins; but long time friends! Apologies! (corrected in #15)
CORRECTIONS to Newsletter #16:  Sharon Touma-Adams needs help calling classmates (thanks, "little" R. Millar)
CORRECTIONS to Newsletter #16:  Mary White-Gholz CORRECT contact information is: or phone: 248-647-3369

Dave Caulkett has developed a web site for the Class of 66. So far, it contains Reunion Preliminaries, Newsletters #1 through #16, the  PHC "E-mail Addresses Needed" List, the PHN "LOST" List.  Cut and paste into your address box (not your search engine):

FLORIDA "MINI Reunion Feb. 26, 2011 - Watch for "Mini" Newsletter in December:
The following people (PHN, PHHS, PHC) are on the list to get more info about the Feb. 26 Florida Mini-Reunion:
Mike Adams, Bonnie Anglebrandt-Appleford, Bob Armitage, Bob Barr, Bob Brewer, Linda Brown-Wurmlinger, Dave Caulkett, Dennis Chambers (?)Jon Crull, Al Dicer, Marcia Edie-Collette, Nancy Emerick, Nancy Flinchbaugh-Randolph, Diane Fogarty-Nolteriek, Charlie Foster, A. J. Foster, Becky Grant-Ascoli, Sandy Hall-Witzke, Sue Hess-Power, Mavis Jex-Lytle, Clara Johnson, Richard Johnson, Leslie Kain-Miller, Claudia Lattin-Sweeney, Larry Mason, Gary Miller, Carolyn Mitchell-Longmire, Viki Moore-Barber, Dorothy Mosure-Clark, Shirley Mosure-Neibauer, Dick Mosure, Bill Southard, Sue Mosure Bullock, Simone Oden-Reid, Cheryl Older-Balmer, Diane Powell-Nemis, Cheryl Rademacher, John Rademacher, Mary Powell-Rands, Orville Reid, Cheryl Sayer-Mills, Dave Setter, Bill Sharp, Tom Sleeter, Sandy Smith-Cox, Judy Sparling-Miller, Dave Tracy, Dave Tacie, Sharon Touma-Adams, Julie Vickery-McIntyre, Pat Wakeham-Roberts, Mark Whitney, Dave Williams, March Witliff, Linda Woolen-Pettengill.  If you need your name added to or deleted from this list, let Shari know.


School Contact List Coordinators:

Each school in our "Class of '66", has a volunteer who maintains a list of graduates to maintain the "Class List".
Contact your school rep below to change/update you name, address, phone number(s), E-Mail address, Veteran Status, or report an obituary.
PHHS: Mary White-Gholz: or phone: 248-647-3369 (Ed. Note: Wrong e-mail address for Mary last month, sorry!)
PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416
Northern: Shari Perkins: or phone 239-283-8794



PHN - Husky Happenings!

Bob Brewer: Many of you may have known Tom Hess, who passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 20. 

Cyrus Bridge: BEWARE!!!!   Before doing your Holiday Shopping, Cy suggests you check out the SNOPES.COM site; warning about the BEST BUY "refund" and "return" policies. 
In many cases, if you return a product, you will be charged a 15% "restocking fee", and/or you must wait for "corporate offices" to send you a refund check, even if you pay cash and/or return unopened merchandise! (Ed. note: My 88 yr. old Dad has gotten "stung" by both!!)

WHO sent me the great story about the three women/classmates who met for lunch??? Help, I can't find it!!!  Please re-send!


From Don McKelvey:
45 years in less than 100 words!  Graduated PHJC June 69, US Army 2 years, 6 months and 7 days and 10 hours (2 years in RVN).

Married Joyce McPherson of PH in summer 1973 (we have three daughters). Graduated Michigan State June 1975. Moved to eastern Virginia late 70's

Most of the 80's were spent as a commercial fisherman on the East Coast. Since late 80's I have worked for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in 18th century Williamsburg.  The past 10 years I have worked as a Garden Historian (aka 18th century Gardener). I have to say that 1966 is ANCIENT history to me!!!!!!!!!

From Barb Mettert-Rheinhardt: Glad Barb Bernum could send you my way!  I've retired from a 37 year career as a Teacher Librarian/Media Specialist with a public school system.  Still having fun with my Mary Kay business and looking forward to again stepping up into management. Still playing the saxophone!  :)  5 children, 12 grand children (so far)!  Independent Mary Kay Consultant:


OUR Teachers: Several have asked about their favorite teachers from the 60's.  I learned from Ellen Albers-Rogers (who became a teacher at PHN, and recently retired from there) that Mr. Duncan, Mr. Sims and Mr Airtene have all passed away.
[Ed. Note: I should also tell you that I happened to buy a house in Ohio in '97 and my next door neighbor (and now my good friend, Marilyn) was our girls "Gym" teacher from
PHHS days, Miss Clark. I enjoyed sharing cocktails with her, much more than deep knee bends and naked showers!!]

A "FIRST CLASS" THANKS to: New contributors, Heidi Thornley and Sue London, who join Tom Anderson, Bob Brewer, Diane Fogarty-Nolterieke, Dan Crocker, Barbara Bernum-Roddy and Cherie Older-Balmer as contributors to the fund.  They get an A+ for donating the $200 for the large memorial stone "brick" that the Husky Partnership Fund" at PHN is planning to build at the flagpole area in front of the school.  These 8 people, paid for, on behalf of the entire class, the largest white brick available.  It will be engraved "FIRST CLASS   -  Class of 66" and will be placed front and center in the landscaping plan. Enough money was also collected to reimburse Patty Wakeham-Roberts and Nancy Evans-Jones for postage they spent on mailing newsletters.

NO MORE PH Local USPS Mail delivery of Newsletter

NOTICE to approx. 30 folks in the PH area who don't have E-Mail:
This will be your last FREE Newsletter.  Donations (see Thanks! above) from alumni have paid postage for the past newsletters you have received.  Please check with your friends who have e-mail to get the latest news, or find a friend, neighbor, or family member's e-mail address where you want your newsletter e-mailed.

PHC - Help Please!

Please call Sharon Touma-Adams at 810-385-5416: Help her find the PHC folks,!  She could really use some help!  She has most addresses, and many phone numbers.  She needs people to call, confirm info, and obtain e-mail addresses.






Next Newsletter - Next Year - JAN 2011 !!!

The editor is taking a Holiday Newsletter vacation.  Please send news, bios, etc. for the next Newsletter ASAP!  'Cuz you'll get busy with Football, Turkey Day, Football, Shopping,Football, Travelling, etc...and soon it will be Christmas and New Years!!  I'd like a couple of volunteers to "proofread" newsletters before I send all my "senior moment goofs" out to all; any volunteers!! Any "cub reporters" out there with good stories???  Coming in Jan: Sue London's BIO, Florida "Mini" update.



Dates to Remember:

Dec. 2, 2010 @ 6:30PM - Next Reunion Planning Meeting

Feb. 26, 2011 - Florida "Mini" Reunion

July 15 - 17, 2011 - 45th Reunion Weekend



Shari Perkins, Editor
2756 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956

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