Class of 66: PHHS, PHC, PHNHS                          Newsletter #16 - October 2010  


Reunion Survey Results: 34 respondents
Coming Sat. night: PH 4 alumni & 4 guests
                            PHN 26 alumni & 23 guests
                            3 PHN not coming, 1 PHN don't know
Saturday activity: Cruise 26                                             
                          Beach 13                                                
                          Golf 4                                                  
Sunday: Coffee on the River: 22
             Visit PHN: 16
             Visit PHHS: 4
             Visit Both: 4
Comments/Suggestions for the Committee:  I feel that the more events you plan that involve lots of interaction, the better.  Most of us haven't seen the majority of our classmates in decades, and verbally catching up is high on my priority list.  I also feel that in a relatively short time, you've accomplished a great deal toward planning our reunion.  A big cheer to the committeey!!  I would love to stop by and visit school, probably only have time for one school.  It would be fun to have the names of some of the old teachers on their door to jog memories. It would also be really nice at the dinner gathering to either read off the names of deceased classmates or to quietly show their old or recent pictures with their names in silence.  All of them are great activities and I would be happy to do any of them!  I like the place the reunion will be and the idea for music only part of the time, and also heavy appetizers instead of a sit down dinner. 

Reunion Meeting Minutes: (5 pages long! Contact Coordinators for full text copy.)
Oct. 9 at Ann's: Attending were: PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams, George Stracienrider
                                               PHHS:Ann Cleland-Murphy, Mary White-Gholz, Pam Schultz-Carlisle, Terry Pettee, Lu Pettee-Kiefer
                                               PHN: Pat Wakeham Roberts, Ginny Henry-Irland, Dan Crocker, Cindy Neal-Campbell, Carol Koob, Dan Crocker,
                                                        Linda Sheldon-Taylor, Cyrus Bridge, Mike Bower, Diane Powell-Nemec, Sandy Smith-Cox

Next Meeting: Wed., Nov. 3 @ 6:30 at Ann's: 2978 Sandy Oaks Ln, Fort Gratiot (off Lake Shore Rd, south of Metcalf Rd). Y'all come!!

WHO'S WHO: Reunion Committee Volunteers:
PHHS Coordinator: Ann Cleland-Murphy: or phone: 810-385-8610



Northern Coordinator: Pat Wakeham Roberts: or phone :810-434-3904
PHC Coordinator: Sharon Touma Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416
Secretary: Ginny Henry-Irland
Reunion Committee: All who come to meetings and volunteer!!!!
Veteran's Affairs: Dan Crocker: (He will contact all veterans before Thanksgiving.)


Reunion Photographer: Bob Brewer: (See Help Wanted, below) and others??????


Booklet/Souvenier CD(?) makers: Dan Crocker and Ed Weischler


 Save the Date cards: Mary White-Gholz, Sharon Touma-Adams, Pat Wakeham-Roberts
Invitations: Linda Sheldon, Lou Kiefer, Cindy Neal-Campbell
TV Advertising: Carol Koob
Sat. PM Music/Band: Carol Koob, Pam Carlisle
*Decorations: to be determined
Name Tags:
Pam Carlisle, George Stracienrider, Ceci Kramp- Kearns, Ginny Henry-Irland
1) Friday night: Casual get together at the Vintage Tavern - Tom Coleman & Cindy Neal-Campbell, Carol Koob
2) Saturday option A: Beach Event: on your own, no planned event
3) Saturday option B: Huron Lady Cruise: Patty Wakeham-Roberts
4) Saturday option C: Golf Outing: Cyrus Bridge
5) Saturday Dinner: Ann Cleland-Murphy, Sharon Touma-Adams, Pat Wakeham Roberts
*6) Sunday AM at Vantage Point/Bean Dock:  to be determined
*7) PHHS: Open House: to be determined
8) Sunday PHN Open House: Dave Eppley: & Ellen Albers-Rogers:
                                            (committee: Viki Moore-Barber: Tom Sleeter:

***Volunteers Wanted: See unclaimed tasks above ***.
Would anyone like to volunteer to help with one of the multiple venues or tasks for our reunion weekend? Lots of help is needed. Contact your school reunion coordinator (above) to sign up!!
Other ideas for consideration:
*1. Map Maker: for out-of towners - directions? locations? addresses? phone numbers? GPS coordinates?
*2. Local accomodations:  If each PH area resident would be willing to share a "guest room" for the weekend, it would save out of towners
    additional cost (many are spending up tp $600-800 for travel expenses).  Coordinator could perhaps match "travelers" with "local friends"?????
*3. Pastor/Minister for Sat. evening prayers. (We have at least 6 pastors/ministers in our "flock"!!)
*4. Photographer: Bob Brewer (above) could use some helpspecially writing down names of people in photos at the time of shooting!

                               WE HAVE A WEB SITE!!!!!!
Dave Caulkett has developed a web site for the Class of 66. So far, he has archived:
     1) all past Newsletters
     2) the  PHC "E-mail Addresses Needed" List
     3) the PHN "LOST" List
     4) Reunion preliminaries.  
Cut and paste into your address box (not your search engine):

                              FLORIDA "MINI Reunion
The following people (PHN, PHHS, PHC) are on the list to get more info about the Feb. 26 Florida Mini-Reunion:
Mike Adams, Bonnie Anglebrandt-Appleford, Bob Armitage, Bob Barr, Bob Brewer, Linda Brown-Wurmlinger, Dave Caulkett, Jon Crull, Al Dicer, Marcia Edie-Collette, Nancy Emerick, Nancy Flinchbaugh-Randolph, Diane Fogarty-Nolteriek, Charlie Foster, A. J. Foster, Becky Grant-Ascoli, Sandy Hall-Witzke, Sue Hess-Power, Mavis Jex-Lytle, Clara Johnson, Richard Johnson, Leslie Kain-Miller, Claudia Lattin-Sweeney, Gary Miller, Carolyn Mitchell-Longmire, Viki Moore-Barber, Dorothy Mosure-Clark, Shirley Mosure-Neibauer,Dick Mosure, Sue Mosure Bullock, Simone Oden-Reid, Cheryl Older-Balmer, Diane Powell-Nemis, Cheryl Rademacher, John Rademacher, Mary Powell-Rands, Orville Reid, Cheryl Sayer-Mills, Dave Setter, Bill Sharp, Tom Sleeter, Sandy Smith-Cox, Judy Sparling-Miller, Dave Tracy, Dave Tacie, Sharon Touma-Adams, Julie Vickery-McIntyre, Mark Whitney, Dave Williams, March Witliff, Linda Woolen-Pettengill.  If you need your name added to or deleted from this list, let Shari know.


Welcome to 15 new Port Huron Catholic E-Subscribers to the Newsletter; with thanks to Sharon Touma Adams.  Sharon has recently obtained an old list of approx. 150 PHC '66 alumni from the last PHC All-School reunion.  It needs updating and everyone's e-mail address.  For a list of needed e-mail addresses, go to the Class of 66 Web Site: click on PHC/Warriors icon. She would like some help in calling people to get their e-mail address, and update other info.  (Apologies !!! to Sharon for News Bulletin typo, sent previously.) If you are local (or have free long distance minutes) and could give Sharon some time, please contact her at: or  810-385-5416.  She has many of the phone numbers. Thanks.

(No info has been rec'd yet from PHHS folks.)

PHN OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, July 17: What would Huskies like to "See & Do" at the PHN Open House on reunion weekend?  Please send you ideas, suggestions to: Dave Eppley: & Ellen Albers-Rogers:       

A shortened/updated "LOST" list will be sent to you later in the week.


From Rick Johnson: I served 3 years in the Navy. I was a  radar petty officer and ECM operator.  I retired from the Port Huron Police Dept Dec 31, 2001.   Then worked 6 more years doing Federal Security at the Port Huron Federal Building..  Now retired again.  I used to own a private airplane since I have a private pilot license but sold it so Maggie and I could travel more.  Flying was fun but a real money pit.  My wife, Margaret, sadly to say graduated from Marysville High School 1969.  We've been pretty lucky having traveled to 48 different countries,(vacation).

Jim Lusko: I work for a consulting company out of Troy, MIi. (Care Tech Solutions).  I handle all the telecom for Port Huron Hospital.  Don't know yet whether I'll be coming to the reunion.

Howard Cheney
: I spent 25 yrs in the US Navy Submarine force starting on diesel submarines and then nuclear submarines. Started in New London, CT and ended in New London, CT with duty in Hawaii twice and (5) wonder years stationed in Japan and Portsmouth, NH. Traveled all over the orient with family. Started as a seaman and finished as a master chief. Really miss the traveling. Upon retiring worked for Lockheed and now the civil service for the US Air Force.

In an e-mail from Nancy Hamilton-Prahl, she said "Was out taking pictures of a moose beside our cabin, and next door, at my son's place; so I didn't check my e-mail today as early as I'd planned.  If that wasn't enough, when I did get online, we had a long rolling earthquake.  Fortunately, this one was a long roller, not one of the noisy ones with severe shaking.  Gosh, I love living here!!!!!"

Talked with Richard Johnson and his wife have cruised and traveled seven continentsand most countries over the past 15 years or so!!!


A "FIRST CLASS" THANKS to: New contributors, Tom Anderson, Bob Brewer, Diane Fogarty-Nolterieke, Dan Crocker who join Barbara Bernum-Roddy and Cherie Older-Balmer as contributors to the fund.  We have collected $110 so far for the large memorial stone "brick" that the Husky Partnership Fund" at PHN is planning to build at the flagpole area in front of the school.  We purchased, on behalf of the entire class, the largest white brick available.  It will be engraved "FIRST CLASS   -  Class of 66" and will be placed front and center in the landscaping plan.  Shari (address below) will gladly accept any donations to help defer expenses.

                                       Solutions wanted
Currently Pat Wakeham-Roberts, Nancy Evans Jones and Shari are sending 46 Newsletters , LOST Lists, etc. to people who don't have e-mail.  Four newsletters are mailed outside the PH area to places in Michigan, 4 are mailed to states other than Michigan.  But 38 are mailed to people in the greater Port Huron area.  The cost is really adding up, not to mention the work, (especially for Patty-she sends out about 35!!!) Would there be a place in Port Huron where the information could be posted? (Do we have a business owner, centrally located??)  Or would people getting the newsletter via US mail be willing to help defer costs?  Do non-emailers have a family or friend or neighbor who would be willing to receive their "Class of 66" info via e-mail and print and deliver them? (Three people currently do this.)  Send in your suggestions, please?? 

Public Service Announcement:
We're getting older, and more of us are learning we have heart conditions. 
Did you know there's a newer, better CPR method that is much simpler and easier?  Check out the video:

Wanted: Your Bio: Please send a short "bio" if you haven't already. People are wondering what you've been up to for the last 45 years!!


                             School Contact List Coordinators:

Each school in our "Class of '66", has a volunteer who maintains a list of graduates to maintain the "Class List".
Contact your school rep below to change/update you name, address, phone (home, office or cell), E-Mail address, Veteran Status, or report an obituary.
PHHS: Mary White-Gholz: or phone: 248-647-3369
Northern: Shari Perkins: or phone 239-283-8794
PHC: Sharon Touma-Adams: or phone: 810-385-5416

Shari Perkins, Editor
2756 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956

Subscriptions: Free e-subscriptions are e-mailed to Port Huron Class of 1966 graduates.  To unsubscribe, please contact the editor.