Class of 66 - Newsletter  - August 2010  Circulation: 268

Reunion News!!
The Reunion Planning Committee met August 5 at Ann Cleland-Murphy's.  The eleven people attending were: Ann, Patty Wakeham-Roberts, Mary White-Gholz, Sharon Touma-Adams, Ginny Henry-Irland, Dave Eppley, Cindy Tomlin-Shumaker, Diane Powell-Nemec, Dan Crocker, Terry Petty, and Carol Koob.  The group decided to host several events for the weekend of July 15 - 17, 2011.
 Great news for those who travel long distances! 
FRIDAY: Members will investigate options for Friday evening for an informal gathering; perhaps at a local establishment serving liquid libations and sandwiches, pizza, or snack food.  This would be an "on your own" cost. 
SATURDAY:  Pat Wakeham-Roberts had investigated renting the "Huron Lady" cruise boat for a Saturday morning/early afternoon river trip. 

"The Huron Lady is $15.00 per person ($14.00 for seniors over 60, which should be most of us., if we don't have enough people to rent the boat. Or, it can be rented for $940.00 for a 2 hour cruise. I reserved 10:30 a.m. to 12:30, no money down, to hold a spot until we see what's going on. Or, they have 1:00 & 3:00 p.m. cruise for the public, if we don't have enough interest to book the boat. We would need at least 67 people to book the boat , which will take up to 117 passengers."

 SATURDAY evening: Dinner locations, including Port Huron Golf Club and Black River Country Club, are being investigated by Ann. For after dinner music, Sharon and Patty will check for DJ's.
events may include separate visits by alumni to PHHS or PHN to see their respective school facilities.  Dave Eppley has made reservations for  PHN; however, there are undetermined plans for summer construction at PHN.  Also discussed was a Sunday visit to the new Great Lakes Maritime Center at Vantage Point ( southwest of the Black & St. Clair Rivers.  

 The group discussed preparing a CD-ROM, with perhaps photos  of classmates (then & now?), which might include the "Rerunion Book" information that previously was handed out at reunions.  Dan Crocker will look into this.

The next meeting of the committee will be Tuesday, August 31 at
2978 Sandy Oaks Ln, Fort Gratiot (off Lake Shore Rd, south of Metcalf Rd).  Everyone is encouraged to attend.


Notes from Alumni

Cathy Hess Brace - Thanks for your email!  The Huron Lady sounds trip great.  Also, what about catering the picnic at the Park (Lakeside)  So much a person?  Thanks for all your hard work.  I'll be there.

Cindy Tomlin-Shumaker:
I have a web site which could be posted in your next newsletter.  It's     It's an easy way to communicate what's what with me.  You can also just goggle me at Cynthia Ann Shumaker. 

Bobby Stinson-Gillete:  Take advantage of shopping my safe Avon website.  Always good prices and free shipping on most orders.



From J. Richard Arthur - I'm not the MD type - I have a Ph.D. in fisheries parasitology. After periods working in Canadian international aid to research development in Southeast Asia and for the Research Branch of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Quebec, I  am now winding down my work career as a private consultant specializing in international aquatic animal health issues (basically problems related to preventing the spread of fish disease due to international trade).

Mary Jamison-Leone spent an enjoyabe 31 years in design engineering for GM, after earning a Master'd degree at Rensselaer.  Now retired,  she enjoys long walks with her dog, Hobbs; summers near Traverse City, winters in North Myrtle Beach, and in between is in the Lansing area.  She's a volunteer seamstress for her church and a volunteer tax preparer for AARP.

Dennis Willing
married to Paula Sloat Willing (PHHS Class of '68) and will soon be celebrating their 40th anniversary coming in January.  They have two children,  Matthew who lives in Texas, and Sarah who hails from Missouri. 

I talked with Gary Weiss who said he's had some pretty hairy escapades over the last 40 plus years; including a lion scratching on his tent pole in Kenya. He  has spent time in Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand and India. Re is now retired after a career in Civil Engineer.  More stories Gary???


PHHS News:
Mary White-Gholz is busy trying to update the PHHS master list.  A "PHHS Lost Big Reds" liist will be sent to everyone, so that we can all help locate missing alums.

Please send Mary any contact information you might have, especially on folks who have moved away from PH.!!
Phone: 248-647-3369
or phone Ann Cleland Murphy - 810-385-8610 (leave a message and your phone number if she's not home).


PH Northern News:

***I've just added another 20 people to our "LOST....list"; who have not been on the original list for various reasons. Huskies (and Big Reds) will soon get an updated PHN "LOST List" which will include an update of approximately 150 people we can't find.  Please help us find these people, or send any information you may have. (How would you feel if you were on the LOST List, and your friend didn't help us find YOU?????)  Also included will be a list of the "Newsletter Recipients". We are sending the Newsletter and "LOST.... lists" to over 200 of our classmates, about 85% via e-mail. We are missing several e-mail addresses (see the list) so Patty Wakeham-Roberts, Nancy Evans-Jones and Shari are sending them out via US mail.


 If anyone is a "member" of the "MyLife" social network, they have listings for LOST alumni: Dwight Spotts and Jo Ann (Davis) Hoyt.  Could you please  look them up and send me any info (city, state, zip, phone, e-mail) you find???  Thanks!!


Volunteer(s) needed!  Would you be willing to print and mail Newsletters and "LOST list" to classmates who do not have e-mail?? This is a jpb that someone anywhere could do.  Contact Shari (info below).



SPECIAL THANKS!! to Tom Anderson for a large donation to: (watch for an announcement soon.......!!!!!!!)

****To everyone who sent in "hints" on LOST classmates; we FOUND nine more people who are all glad to be back in the class!!
your donation to the PH Northern "Brick Fund" to:
Barbara Bernum-Roddy
Cherie Older-Balmer

****To everyone who went to the reunion meeting; especially those who volunteered to investigate venues, costs, and other options!!




DATES to Remember:

Aug. 31, 6:30PM - Reunion Planning meeting
Feb. 26, 2010 - Florida Mini-Reunion - Clearwater Beach - more info in November
July 9 - Dome Reunion
July 15 - 17 - 45th Reunion in PH
July 22-24 - Mackinac Race Weekend

Request: Please send any spelling corrections, especially to your name!!!  I make lots of typos, and (for example) when I hear womens married names, it's usually over the phone and I have to guess at spellings.  If I've spelled a "LOST" persons name wrong...then my internet search won't work.  Don't hesitate to assist me in fixing errors.  (By the way, if you call me by my "yearbook name - Sharon"; I'll think you're a salesman or else you're really mad at me!!!)

Shari Perkins
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956