Class of '66            Newletter #13             July 2010 (post Race)                   

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The First meeting of the joint "Class of 1966 - 45th Reunion" Committee met July 18.  Attending were:
      PHHS:  Ann Cleland-Murphy, Pam Schultz-Carlisle, and Dave Tacie
      PHN:  Patty Wakeham-Roberts, Tom Coleman, and Ginny Henry-Irland
Reunion Meeting Minutes for 7/18, 2010 were sent to all in the newsletter database.

The Reunion  Committe needs TONS of help updating files with current mailing addresses. See PHHS News and Northern News below. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Patty Wakeham-Roberts:
I forgot to add our next meeting will be Thursday, Aug 19, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Ann Cleland- Murphy's home, 2978 Sandy Oaks Ln,  Fort Gratiot off Lake Shore Rd, south of Metcalf Rd. 

From Ann Cleland-Murphy: Our first meeting went well - we are definitely off and running!!! I talked to Sharon Touma Adams and she does not think the PH Catholic class would be interested in joining our reunion as Port Huron Catholic has a multi- year reunion so it looks like we are looking at a Joint 1966 Class Reunion for PHN and PHH only. I will try to get a Facebook page up and running to spread the news that we are planning a 45th year reunion.  (Ed. Note: Also see Web Site below) When David (Caulkett) has the actual reunion web page set up we can put a link to it on the Facebook page. I have offered to have the next reunion meeting at my home on Thursday, Aug. 19 at 6:30 pm at 2978 Sandy Oaks Lane, Fort Gratiot - perhaps you could put that in the next newsletter in case anyone wishes to join us.  The more the merrier.  We had a small group at our first meeting but we all are excited to make this reunion a reality.

From Tom Coleman: George Murdick and myself will not be able to make the meeting @ Ann's home on August 19th.  We have our Golf night on Thursdays but let us know if we can help with anything.  I will check with Jammie Barrett as to the date of next years Dome Reuion but have someone check into the Cruise night date. I have no idea when that is scheduled.

From Pam Carlisle-Schultz:  Check out the Class of 1960 website for their 50th class reunion.  It's pretty neat!  Type in Port Huron High School Class of 1960, Port Huron, Mich.  Turn up your volume when you click on the site. 
(Ed. Note: )

The Reunion Committe requests that EVERYONE get involved in helping find alumni.  It's been so long.  Many people have moved far away, and some are no longer with us.  YOU may be the only person who knows where someone is!!!  Please send any e-mail addresses, mailing addresses you have in your address book.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



August 19, 2010 - Next Reunion Meeting - 6:30PM - 2978 Sandy Oaks Lane, Fort Gratiot

February 26, 2011 - Florida Mini-Reunion, Clearwater Beach, Florida
July 2011 - PHHS/PHNHS/PHC 45th Reunion, Port Huron


WEB Site:

Ann Cleland-Murphy is working on a Facebook page for us.  Watch for info in a future newsletter.
Dave Caulkett is working on a Web Site for our class.  Watch for info in a future newsletter.


Dan Crocker will work on developing a complete list of both PHHS and Northern of graduates of the Class of '66 who served in the Military.

Notes from Alumni:

From PHHS:
This is John Robinson.  I am married to Wendy Kendrick Robinson.  As of June 20th, We have been married for 40 years.  We have a 22 year old son who just graduated from college.  We live in the suburban Detroit area (Chesterfield Twp.) and are not far from Port Huron.  I am sending this e-mail to let you know that we are available and willing to help the committee in making the 45th class reunion of the "Class of 1966" the best it can be.  Both Wendy and I have retired as of this past June from wonderful teaching/administration careers in public education.  We will make whatever time is needed to be available support to the reunion.  God's blessings to all.

From Northern:
Roland Miller (Rolly) checking in here. Thank you for taking the time to put all this together. I received a up-date e-mail from Scott Carlisle and have passed it along to people I'm still in contact with. The info you have on me is very funny.. Geritol shot out of my nose, I was laughing so hard.... In deed I live in North Carolina, a town named Chapel Hill and retiried from Duke University a year ago (I'am not a art teacher) Ha. Married.. 2.5 children (all in the norm).  Still moving about with the help of my friends and my new hobby is home maintenance.  Looking forward to receiving the newsletter and peace to all .

An old note (I misplaced) from Cathy Hess Brace: After many years and teaching learning Handicapped children I've retired and now am continuing to run my holiday lighting business of 16 years.


PHHS News:

A GIGANTIC THANKS to Mary White-Gholz who has agreed to maintain the PHHS '66 Alumni List.  She needs everyone's help to try to find folks in time to send out "Reunion Invitations" around Jan. 1, 2011.  Not too long ago, all "Big Reds" received an e-mail containing the names of the approx. 53 peopleon the E-Newsletter distribution list.  Everyone else needs to contact MAry with their contact information; please pass the word.  Send all PHHS info and "clues" to her at:
Address: 4030 Walnut Hill Dr., Troy MI, 48098-4221
Phone: 248-647-3369
All changes to your address, phone #, e-mail address should also go to Mary.


Northern News:

A BIG THANKS to many folks who have sent in "clues" to where we might find lost alumni.  The list of the "Found" is growing.  A revised list of the "PHN-Lost, Deceased, Newsletter recipients" will be sent out shortly.  On the LOST" list, if your name appears in red, we're waiting for you to send us info about YOUR friend!!!!  Shari will continue to maintain the PHN '66 Alumni List (and all PHC folks).  Send "clues", changes to her at:
Address: 2758 Eighth Ave., St. James City, FL 33956
Phone: 239-283-8794

"First Class" thanks to the following for contributions to the "Walk of Fame" brick:
     Barb Bernum-Roddy
"Salute the Flag" for Dan Crocker for volunteering to coordinate a list of Husky alumni Veterans.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Ellen Albers-Rogers son, who was seriously injured by a car while riding his bicycle.

Thanks to Ted Rachwahl who said he would help find people on the Classmates web site. ( My 2 year membership just expired. In that time,  I found only three people via that source; so I'm not renewing!)


!!!!!!!!!!!!See you in Port Huron in aboput 50 weeks!!!!!!!

Send items for the newsletter to:
Shari Perkins, Editor
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956