Class of 66
Newsletter #12

REUNION MEETING*******Monday, July 19th at 7:00 p.m.
at the Angry Bull Restaurant, 5078 Lapeer Rd, in Wadhams, across from the KOA Campgrouds.

Any one who would like to work on our Reunion , please come & bring ideas & addresses - email and/or post office & phone numbers. We have a  lot to do in a year.  Contact: Patty Wakeham- Roberts @ 810-434-3904.

STOP the PRESSES!! - 45th REUNION DATE CHANGE to July 15-17, 2011

Last month, we announced that, by popular request, our next reunion would be Race Weekend.  But since then, there has been overwhelming feedback against that idea:
1. Hotel space is too hard to find at that time.
2. Local classmates are busy hosting out of town family for that weekend.
3. People, traffic and venues are too busy/crowded.
4. Other classes reunions have opted out of Race Weekend.
Therefore, we've decided to move the 45th Reunion to the weekend before the Race: July 15 - July 17

Ginny Henry-Irland recommended the following web sites for your accomodations for reunion weekend: includes Accomodations/hotels and a long list for everything in the area. which has some information.

We'll need a bunch of people to coordinate and help put a reunion together.  Some jobs can be done by out of towners (via internet/phone), but most will need help from the locals.  If you'd like to help, please let me know so I can develop a mailing list of the "Reunion Team" for communication purposes. 

One job I can think of, that anyone, anywhere can do with a computer: 
Many people will be coming to Port Huron from hundreds of miles away at significan personal expense.  (Believe me, when I say, that between the stock market, unemployment, and misfortune, lots of our classmates may be unable to afford to come.) It would be terrific if everyone living in Port Huron, would volunteer a "guest room" for an out of town visitor.

Someone could volunteer to coordinate 2 or 3 "shuttle runs" to the Detroit airport.

We need "Teams" to help with whatever events you want to have. 

Locals: please talk this over as you meet one another over race weekend; get 2 or 3 people and coordinate SOMETHING!!!

IDEAS NEEDED NOW for planning...
Ideas generated to date:
1. A "Social" or "Potluck"on Friday night.
2. A "Beach Party" on Saturday.
3. Cocktails, snacks, catered dinner at the Golf Club Saturday night.
4. Dinner (dance?) Saturday night.
5. Brunch at each High School on Sunday AM.  Catered cold cuts??
6. A day at "Lakeside Park" on Sunday.
7. Bowling?
Other suggestions?  FEEDBACK & VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!!


THANKS to: Kathy Baldock-Jamison, Cheryl (Sayer) and Dick Mills, Charlie Foster, Sue London, Ed Weichsler, Ann Cleland-Murphy, Tom Hyde, Kraig Hayner, John Brennan, Terry Mitrink-Dagg, Tom Coleman (and I'm sure I've forgotten others) for sending info on several people.  I'll let you all know if I find anyone new, please do the same for me!
As soon as I get the  "New" names from the Reunion meeting, I'll send out an update of the "LOST" and "FOUND"!!

Sue Hess-Power was the first to guess (just under 2 hours after publication) that mystery photo was, in fact:
"Little" R Millar.

Who's in the News:
Terry Payne: Has been found (thanks, John B.). A note from Terry said: I moved to Indiana in '78 met and then married my wife Patty in1980 (everything between 1968 and 1978 has been thankfully removed from my memory bank) We have one son Sean. He and his girlfriend presented us with our first grandson, Maddux.  I work for Best Buy Logistics here in Franklin and plan to retire at years end.  I love to fish and hang around outdoors. I work in my yard for stress relieve every chance I get.
Ted Rachwahl:
Just turning 62! I married Judy Ploeger and we both were teachers and are now retired. I taught 5-8th grade at various times and Judy 6-8. It was a great career and we enjoyed it very much but 30 years was enough.
We live in Adrian, MI but travel a lot. Adrian is home but you'll have to catch us as you can! We have no children but do have a dog and have had several through the years from labs to our current silky terrier, "Grace". We have several wonderful nieces and a nephew
Judy's parents are still in Port Huron so we get back "home" fairly often.
I hope your life has been as full and wonderful as well.

The "Husky Partnership Fund" at PHN is planning to build a white brick patio around the school flagpole at and a redbrick pathway to it.
 I have purchased, on behalf of all of you,  the largest white brick available.  It will be engraved:
Line 1:  Class of 1966
Line 2:  "First Class"
I have been told that it will be placed "front & center" in the landscaping plan.
I will gladly accept any donations to help me with expenses; my address is below.

CLASSMATES- I'm going to let my "" membership expire next month.  I really have gotten little benefit finding alumni. I would appreciate someone posting info there....any volunteers???

Shari Perkins
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956