Class of 66
Newsletter # 11

Who is in this Mystery Photo (below)????

Can you guess who said: " I am attaching a picture of me taken at the PHN '66 Vermont Alums annual reunion held the same time as the Florida one.  Just like the bears out back, I put on 40 lbs. to carry me through the winter."



An second Mini-Reunion in Florida!!!
Thanks to Bill Sharp's cross country driving, as well as his planning/organization, he was able to join Charlie Foster, Dave Tracy, Judy Sparling-Miller, and me (Shari) for a trip just north of the Tampa area to visit Marsh Wittliff.   It was TERRIFIC to catch up with Marsh, and see his art gallery.  What a talented guy!!!  Marsh's condo on is the 7th floorand looks right out on to the Gulf of Mexico beach & surf (just past the pool...where a bunch of girls in bikini's were sunning!!!!). Marsh and Judy decided they would host the 2011 Florida Mini-Reunion near Clearwater Beach on Sat., Feb. 26 , so plan now to come and bring your swim suit and suncreen. We will also assemble car pools from the Ft. Myers area and the Ft. Lauderdale areas to share transportation.

Alumni notes:

Ann Cleland-Murphy:  Congratulations to Ann!!!!  On May 4, she won election to the PH School Board with more votes than any other candidate.  See story at:

From Peggy Bigger-Bennett:  What a great surprise to receive this newsletter again.   At this time of year in Michigan, fun notes from old friends brightens up the day.  I have marked the calendar and will call Ann Murphy to offer my help in the effort to get the reunion off the ground.  I love that we can combine all the PHNHS, PHHS, and PHC again....after all we did go to school together for the better part of our high school years.  Another person who could be of great help is Pam Schultz Carlisle....she knows and remembers everybody!!!!  I talk with Barb Waters Sykes quite often, she lives in Amherst, NY.
   I retired from Algonac schools in 1999 after teaching 1st graders since 1970....I love being retired and have been active in womens' ministries at my church in Detroit since retiring.  Still teaching and mentoring ,just doing it with big people!!! I am a breast cancer survivor and count each day as a blessing!!!  Our son Andrew Bell  lives in Minneapolis with his wife Stephanie and our 2 little granddaughters, 5 and 2 years old. We travel there a lot to visit and love staying close with them.

From Doug Stevenson:
You might be interested in viewing a short video that the Episcopal Church produced on our work with piracy issues. It can be seen from our website at:
Ed. Note:
Check out Doug at work, in a video that he narrates:
(cut and paste):

From Wayne Tanton:

If you hear of anyone with an extra yearbook from PHNHS '66, please let me know. All my yearbooks were distroyed when a group of bikers broke into my house in Florida while I was deployed. If someone even saw one in a yardsale or whatever, I'd be willing to pay for it.
Ed. Note: If you have info on one, send it to Shari...


From Mark Whitney:  Please change my email to (...).  I'm retiring at the end of March. Hope to see everyone in Florida next year.

PHN for The List & The Lost
I'll be sending out to the PH Northern alums a list of all the people on our e-mail distribution list.  We need to get the e-mail addresses of many, many more people.  If you see someone on "The Lost" list that you know, please send me at least their name and mailing address if you don't have their e-mail address.


Dates  to Remember:
Dome Reunion: July 10, 2010 hosted by Rockin' Ronnie will feature the the original 'Dome bands': The Words, The Dynasty, The Case and Liberty!  Tickets are $10 and will be available at Powers, the car show and McMorran Place.
Florida Mini-Reunion: Sat. Feb. 26 , 2011 - Clearwater Beach, FL.  Details to follow!

45th Reunion will be held the weekend of July 22-24, 2011

45th Reunion suggestions: Only ONE response???  Almost 400 people get this Wendy the only one that cares about getting together???? 
From Wendy Kendrick-Robinson:
I thought of a bowling fun night, maybe collecting money for a charity.
Renting out the Huron Lady and cruising down Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair.
Picnic at Lakeside with games, food and swimming
Breakfast on Saturday morning early, and then watch the boats leaving Black River
Just a few ideas of things we like to still do in Port Huron when we visit.
Send your ideas for a 45th and/or 50th Reunion!!!

A Big Thanks to:

Nancy Evans added Sally Gardner-Sanderson and Janice Carrier to our E-Newsletter list and added Ann Hayward-Cleaver and Dennis DeWitt to our US mail delivery list.  Dennis said he knew where Bob Anglebrandt was, and would get us his info soon!

Al Dingwell knows where Alan Smith and Bob Papinaw are, and will send us their info!!

Dave Caulkett:

Thanks for helping me FINALLY get the lists organized for "THE LIST" and "THE LOST" for PHNHS.  I will mail them to the folks on the northern list tomorrow.  Dave, When you have time, let me know & we'll do the combined PHHS/PHC  lists.....they're much shorter!!!!!

All of you who sent in "news"....three new ones this week!!!

Shari Perkins
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