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Newsletter #10

Circulation Total: 188
(not bad considering we started with 3, eighteen months ago!)

The 2nd annual Mini Reunion was held Jan. 30 at Woody's Waterside on Pine Island. A great time was had by all!!!  Those attending were (see photo below, courtesy of our famed phoyographer, Bob Brewer): Front Row: Becky Grant-Ascoli, Viki Moore-Barber; Back row:  Bob Brewer, Dave Tracie, Tom Sleeter, Shari Perkins, Dave Caulkett, Nancy Emerick.  Mavis Jex and Susan Hess left before we remembered to take pictures!  Sorry about that!  The group discussed having a 45th Class Reunion (2011) and the next Mini-Reunion.  The next Mini-Reunion was moved (sorry about that Bob A.!) to the last Saturday in February,  the 26th, 2011, probably near Tampa.


45th Reunion weekend selected
At the Mini-Reunion held Jan. 30, the Florida Chapter of the PHNHS Alumni Club decided to begin preparing for our 45th Class Reunion. 
Based on comments from our friends in PH, we selected Race Weekend 2011 for the Big Event.  We thought we'd like to have more events/venues than a Saturday night sit down dinner/dance; so we're asking for suggestions from everyone. Please send in your ideas for the reunion, I'll collect them and include them in upcoming newsletters.  Please put  "Reunion Suggestions" in the subject box of your ideas; thanks.
Therefore, our
45th Reunion will be held the weekend of July 22-24, 2011.  Save the dates!

Notes from Alumni:

From Mike Adams & Sharon Touma-Adams and Charlie Foster:

It's official.... Nashville, TN now has OUR Diana's Sweet Shop in their town, re-assembled..  It looks exactly as it did on our main street in The Port... very eerie to see the below video of Nashville's grand opening of her!

(you may have to cut and paste??)

From Wayne Tanton:
Just a quick note. I was in Michigan this past week ( last Tuesday until today). My sister Fern (Tanton) Williamson passed away on Jan. 8th and had been battling cancer for the last 17 years. She attended PHHS from 1961 until 1964. She married  and moved to the thumb area (Deckerville) and had three beautiful daughters. My son and I drove up and on the way back, I took him by PHNHS and the houses I grew up in. I'm not sure how many PHHS alumni from that year knew her but thought I'd pass the information along. Right up until the end her concern was not for herself but constantly asked how friends and relatives were doing. She never wanted sympathy or acknowledgement of her own illness.

From John Rademacher:
After high school, I got a job at Chrysler's in Marysville and worked there for three an one half years. In Sept.1969, I was able to go to work  at Detroit Edison. I retired  after 35 years.

From Mike Anglebrandt:

I moved to Lansing, Michigan some 22 years ago to work for the state after working for the St. Clair County Health Department foir 17 years.. I work for the Department of Transportation as an environmental quallity specialist.  I do environmental risk assessments and liability advisment of property acquistion for highways.   I remarried after my move to Lansing and enjoy a quiet comfortable life.   My wife and I do agillity competition around the state with our two shetland sheepdogs as one of our activities to keep from growing old.  We still plan to stay here even after retirement in a couple more years.

We were saddened to learn of the death of Denny Kearns (husband of our Ceci Kramp-Kearns), on Jan. 31.  His obituary can be seen at:

You Need To Know (Sorry, I forgot who sent this!)
I've taken this class, have you?  If you haven't, just listen to this twice; and you'll know what to do!
MUCH EASIER, than before!!!!!!
Subject: CPR--Mayo Clinic presentation

Editor's Note:
The List: PHHS:  I've sent the PHHS database to Mary White-Gholz (and Tony).  They will work with Ann Cleland to locate more members of the PHHS Class of 66.  At last count,there were 76 names on the list, but only 42 e-mail addresses.  Come on Big Reds!  Find your friends!  Send their contact info to me and I'll forward it to Mary and Ann!
The List: PHN:  We have 383 names so far, but only 142 E-Mail addresses.  I will soon be sending (to those who graduated from Northern), The LIST (names of people we've found) and The LOST (people we're still searching for).  I suppose we'll also need to know who has passed away, and I'd like to make a list of those who have served in the military/armed forces.  Watch for the next "Special Edition" for PHN classmates.......

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