Newsletter #1- July 2008

Greetings Huskies!!!!
A few of us were disappointed that we didn't have a 40th reunion, and thought we needed to get together again.  But it's been 12 years since the last one, and many people have scattered to the winds.  So I thought maybe I could spend some time trying to locate people and get current bio info, so that we can at least communicate and try to rally the troops to get one in the planning stages!!!
About 6 weeks ago, I started trying to locate PHNHS alums.  From humble beginnings of a mailing list of 4  (Viki Moore, Heidi Thornley, Becky Grant & Tom Sleeter), the e-mail address list has grown to include 14 more (Mike Adams & Sharon Touma, Bill Carlisle, Tom Coleman, Dan Deligianis, Nancy Emerick, Eric Fenton, Ginny Henry, David Lange, Christie Moore, Cindy Neal, Cheryl Sayer, Larry Smith, Bobbie Stinson, and Patty Wakeham).  I also have the phone numbers of 6 PH people (Ann Cleland, Kay Hamilton, Greg Repp, Bill Sharp, Rich Smeltzer, Cindy Tomlin)  and a couple of non-PH people (Lynda Smith, Tony & Mary  Gholz) to call to get e-mail addresses from.  I have many other names on my list, but sadly, no info!
I joined "" but have only located 3 people through that source so far.  I have posted an announcement for our class on their site, asking people to e-mail me with their info.  Unfortunately, they have a screener on mail messages that makes it extremely difficult to send phone numbers and e-mail addresses to others, and you can't include them in announcements.
Ginny Henry just sent me a PH phone book, so I hope to find more phone numbers and make more calls!  Trouble is, my cell phone "free calls" don't start til 8PM, and by the time I call someone, get caught up, chat, and get their e-mail address, it's almost 9PM, and I hate to call after that hour.  So it's slow going...
Patty Wakeham said she'd look in her attic for the last reunion mailing list from 1996, but hasn't found it yet. 
Perhaps when I phone more of the PH folks, they may have more names & e-mail addresses. 
Can anyone find their copy of the booklet from the 96 reunion that had names, addresses, phone numbers?  If so could you mail, fax, or scan/attach to e-mail it to me???  Please!!!  I can then send snail mail letters to last known addresses.
Please send me any info you have on people not listed above. I could use all the help I can get!!
Thanks to all who've chatted with me on the phone, and sent info on others.  I'll keep you posted....
Shari Perkins
2758 Eighth Ave.
St. James City, FL 33956
Phone: 239-283-8794